I Got Some Things Done, Despite the Lazy Day

Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Not sure what I want to do today?

I woke up indecisive of what to do today? Should I go up the hill just across the road and see if the bull dozer would start or go kayaking at Jenner, or Monte Rio, or spend some time loading the van for my up coming trip? It looked to be a fairly nice day.

An electrical wiring job first.

But first, I remembered I’d told my brother who lives next door that I would help him do some electrical wiring. He was putting in a walk in cold room and needed his cooler wired and some lights for the room wired too. That went well and took about an hour. Of course after that, I felt even lazier. :O)

Jenner looked like it was going to be windy today.

Checking the weather report at Jenner, it looked like it would be a bit on the windy side. I decided to go to Jenner to have a look at the River’s mouth and maybe yak. So, I drove down to Jenner to the river’s mouth over look on Highway one, just north of the town of Jenner.

The Russian River mouth.

When I got there, the wind was up alright and I felt pretty lazy, so I took some pics of the river’s mouth and returned to my house.

Below is a picture of the Russian River’s mouth where the river goes into the ocean. Lot’s of drift wood down there.



A little closer look of the mouth area below. Seals on the beach to the left.



Below, is a closer look at the harbor seals on the beach. There were about a hundred seals on the beach today.



I didn’t see any sea lions working the waters, so it appears that the steelhead fish might have slowed down coming into the river for a bit.

Tried to start my four wheeler for a ride, but.

I thought I’d ride my little four wheeler up the hill to check on the bull dozer and see how the winter had treated the forest up there. When I went to start the four wheeler, the battery was completely dead. I could jump it, but decided that was a pain, so I abandoned that idea. I’ll get a new battery when I get back from my trip.

Did some work on the van and some loading too.

That left hanging around the house and putting some things in the van for the trip, which is a rather slow process, so maybe that was a good thing to do today, as I plan to leave in a few days. I also greased the front spindles of the van. I thought it’d be a good idea to check the master brake cylinder to make sure it was still full of brake fluid. I pulled the rubber plug in the floor and looked at the cylinder. Do I really want to take that all apart, it’s hard to get to, but that is real important, so I gave in and removed the top and the fluid was to the top. Good to know that. No leaks after working on it before the last trip. Checked the engine oil too, as I remembered it was down a half a quart. It was full, as I must of already taken care of that. :O) Water was up in the radiator too. And last, checked that the tires where aired up properly,………….. all was good.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around loading little things in the van, like some clothes, some tools and some food. Oh, and I refilled all my gallon water containers. I’ve got fifteen gallons of spring water loaded,…….. good to go for the desert.

Just thought I’d show you a pic of some redwood trees ready to pollenate.

I mentioned before that the big redwood trees are dumping their pollen all over the place. The trees are all yellow with pods of fresh pollen that will open and dump the pollen in the wind and in my nose and eyes too. This stuff blows around for miles, even gets into the cities, unbeknownanced to most of the city people.

Below is a picture of some big trees right in my yard. See the yellow looking ones. Those are the big redwood trees full of pollen ready to dump.



Just a little closer picture showing the yellowed redwood trees full of pollen ready to dump, as can be seen below.


Looks like I’m getting out of here just about in time, but………..they have the crud down in Arizona, which is a bunch of wind blown dust, not sure which is worst?

Had a good lazy day today and got some things done in spite of the lazy day.

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