A Ride up Along the Rogue River to Agnes

Monday February 9, 2015 Port Orford Oregon

Gusty winds rocked my van

Early this morning, before it got light, the van started rocking as the wind picked up to gusting and a heavy rain commenced.  A nice storm was coming in that would last the day. This is the last of the storms until the next set, so the weather should improve so we can do some other things. We’ll have to let the rivers go down a bit and clear up to do any kayaking and fishing.

I went on down to were Steve is staying and picked him up as we were headed south to Gold Beach where the Rogue river’s mouth is.

Going to Agnes

The plan for the day was to take a ride up the road that goes up alongside the Rogue River to a place called Agnes. We didn’t know what was at Agnes, but it was a destination to head for while exploring the Rogue river, checking places out to fish and kayak and camp.

This was my view driving up the highway along the Rogue River. Lots of nice forest and rain too.road_thumb


With all the rain and wind, I didn’t take many pictures.

We pulled out onto this gravel bar near Agnes. The guy by the truck has his fishing rod out, but there weren’t many people fishing as the water was high and muddy. While they waited for a fish to hit, most of the people on this beach were walking around looking for rocks.fishing_thumb


While we were sitting there the wind and the rain really picked up and all the guys headed for their trucks. We left and headed to see what was at Agnes.

There’s nothing at Agnes

That’s right, the only thing along the road is a sign that says Agnes, there’s nothing here, this is it.

There was an old store that was closed further down the road where it ended. And down below I could see a couple of resorts by the river.

Stopped at Ophir Beach

We turned around and headed back down the river for the day, back to Gold Beach and up the road a ways to a place called Ophir. We pulled into the beach parking lot for a bit and watched the ocean.ophir_thumb


This was the Ophir beach looking north. Lots of good wave action with lots of wind and rain too.ocean_thumb


I dropped Steve off where he was staying and continued a couple more miles up the highway to my camp place overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Seat belt problem

The seat belt Steve was using today malfunctioned and wouldn’t reel out, so I took it apart and checked it out. It seems to be sticky or something. I got it to reel out, most of the time, but something isn’t quite right with it. I think it will have to do. I found that if I hammered it a bit, it would free it up, so I might put it back together and try that until I get home?

Todays sunset

I was cooking dinner when I looked out the window and saw this sunset from my van window.sunset_thumb


Tomorrow, the rain and the wind is supposed to let up. My plan is to go to Port Orford and post this at the Library and then find the lake in town and kayak it for the day.

Steve will be out fishing,…………. chasing some lady up here, so I’ll have a peaceful day paddling around the lake and maybe explore around Port Orford a bit too, as I wait for the water levels to drop in the rivers.

Steve will be fishing for steelhead soon as the water clears up a bit. Salmon season goes to the first of the year, then one can only catch steelhead in this area.

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