A Walk Though Armstrong State Park

Saturday December 21, 2013 Guerneville CA.

A walk in the woods

When I got up this morning, my back felt ok, until I sat down and ouch again, only about half the pain today as yesterday. Walking around seems to help it a bit, so I thought it might a be a good day to go on a little walk though the park and up to some friends I know that live up in back of the park. I thought that might be a better idea than loading and unloading my kayak off the car. And it seems like my back felt better after I walked a bit, so off I went.

Since the park is right next door, I started off up the road to the entrance. This is the entrance to the park.armstrongpark


I entered the park and passed by the Parson Jones redwood tree, one of the larger and older trees in the world. If you can read that sign, you will see what I mean.parsonjones

310 feet tall, 13.8 feet in diameter and  1300 years old for those who can’t read it.

I took a picture up the tree, but cameras don’t do the trees justice.jones


I continued on up the road though the park.view


Then crossed over to the trail that goes up though the park.trail


I don’t always stay on the trails and cut across the forest below. This is an old trail, but not used much, except by the animals.trail2


I started climbing the hill and went though this meadow.trail3


I walked down this road to that bridge where I rested for a bit, almost there.bridge


This is my view off the little bridge where I rested a bit.bridgeview


I left the road again and crossed this little creek.creek


And came up to Nathan and Genes back gate.gate


They were home so we visited for awhile. On the way out Nathan collected some carrots and green onions for me out of his garden.nates


It was about two and a half miles up to their place so I did about five miles. Since I had to walk up the hill on the way up, I just had to walk down the hill on the way back.

Nice day.

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