Fixing the Broken Bridge

Friday December 20, 2013 Guerneville CA.

But first, I need to fix my broken back

My back was real sore when I retired last night, and when I got up it went to bad news.

I couldn’t get dressed so I put my robe on and took some meds and a little walk around the yard. It was mostly an ouch type situation, it just hurt good, no matter what I did.

After awhile, I was finally able to get dressed although it was still awhile before I could put my socks on. During this time I was rounding up the tools and supplies my brother and I would need to repair the boards in the bridge.

There was one broken board and at least three more not so good ones that we would replace.

My brother showed up around ten thirty with the four new boards and so we loaded the stuff I had collected to do the job and headed for the bridge, me still in much pain, but getting a little better.

This is the broken bridge board we were going to replace, as well as the three other not so good ones.IMG_9444


Now, with my back, my brother had to do most of the hard work, but I helped were I could.

Here is my brother taking some bolts off the bridge to get the board off.brokenbridge


I just kept working away, very carefully and finally realized my back didn’t hurt anymore, at least in the real sore place, so maybe the exercise helped to get things back in place.

It took us must of the day as there is a lot of under the bridge work, putting nuts and bolts together. My brother did most of that work, lucky for me.

We got her together and thought we could sure use a few more boards as there were some more not too good ones, but they’ll have to keep.

We are just finishing up in this photo. My brother is under the bridge cussing out something about the darn nails keep bending, no room to work on the bridge ends. fixedbridge

He made it though, just before the sun went behind the hill.

I spent the rest of the day cooking up some grub and taking it easy on my back, sitting around mostly.

So, I’m hoping my back is in better shape after today, I’ll know more when I get up in the morning. I know it’s going to be hard to load my kayak for awhile and I’ll have to be real careful.

So, except for all the back pain, not a bad day, we fixed our bridge and maybe my back too.

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