Another Day with My Grammar School Buddies

Friday August 24, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

A day checking out places around Guerneville, CA.

The plan for the day was to check out some old places around Guerneville with the gang.

I arrived at the cabin in Guernewood park around eleven AM. Everyone was sitting around the camp fire chatting away, so I joined on in.

After an hour or so most of us took a walk down to the river and then around what is called the horseshoe and back to the cabin. That was a lot of fun walking and chatting with my old friends

When we got back it was decided that we should jump in the car and drive around Guerneville and look at some of the old places where some of them used to live. We started off in Guernewood park, across the river. Eventually we ended up at the Guerneville cemetery were we did a bit of reflecting.

When we were in fourth grade, one of our friends died, which was a big thing for all of us, as it was the first death of a friend for most of us.

Cynthia said I think she is over there somewhere and sure enough, she found her.marsha


From there we took a ride out Armstrong Rd, and also visited the old quick silver mine. Then back to the cabin for evening activities.

This is the cabin, just after we got back.cabin


George and his wife bought dinner and some others pitched in too.george2


I think Rob is a good example of what happened to a lot of the good food.rob


Margaritas were mixed and indulged and a lot more chatting.



Sitting around the campfire after dinner.campfire


More chatting around the camp


And of course, we had to have some smores. Here’s Vickie burning up some marshmallows.vickie


We stayed up fairly late and it was a very nice day.

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