Cutting Firewood Up in the Hills and a Little Walk Too

Wednesday December 6, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Nice day for cutting firewood

The sun was out as I got it going this morning around noon. :O) What to do?

I needed to finish cutting up the trees up the hill, into firewood. It’d be good to get it all done before the next rains come in so I got the tools together and rode the quad runner up the hill to where I was cutting near the top.

It was a bit chilly going up the valley, but once I started up the hill it warmed a bit. Not too concerned about the cold as firewood cutting warms one up many times and cool is actually better for this kind of work.

Once I got up there I realized I left my camera on the car hood at home. Oh well.

I spent most of the day working on the firewood. When I was done I still had a couple hours of sun light so I went for a little walk along one of the roads.

When I walk a road, I keep busy throwing off rocks and sticks as I go along. Because the roads are on a hill, there’s always something coming down on the them so it’s a never ending task.

I got back to my quad runner just before dark. I gathered all the wood cutting tools and headed down the hill. It was cool on the valley floor as the sun was behind the mountains to the west and darkness was quickly approaching.

I put the tools away and went into the house to warm up and take it easy.

Nice productive day.

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