About a 100 Feet a Day Working On Forest Trails

Thursday January 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

New generator hookup cable

My brother was back from his trip, so I went over to see if he had any 50 amp cables so I could hook up our new fifty amp generator. He had to think a bit, then we went into his garage to see what he could find. We found one that should work. I’ll hook it up when I get a chance. He also has a bunch of water lines he has to bury in his yard, so I said I’d help with that once he got it figured out.

Forest work

I was headed up into the forest to do some work, but at the last minute I remembered my leather gloves but couldn’t find them. I looked and looked but they weren’t here. I figured, maybe, I left them up on the trail where I was working yesterday. Just in case I grabbed another pair and took off for the hills. The gloves sidetracked me and I forgot my camera in the process.


Anyway, I made it up to the trail where I was working and looked for my leather gloves. I found the gloves, or I should say, I found one of them. I think a squirrel or a rat took the other one to eat it. I looked around an couldn’t find it. Good thing I brought up another pair of them.

I started working on the trail around one PM and shaped and  smoothed about a hundred feet more of it. 100 feet seems to be what I can do in the 3 hours I work on it. I left for home around four PM as I was a bit tired out.

I got on the dirt bike and started to turn it around when it fell over on me. I was too beat to pick it up, but with much effort, I got it up and then noticed the right brake lever was broken. It was already bent from previous falls.

I made it home without the front brake as I took it easy. A little nap and some chair hopping and the day  was done.

New levers

I found my brake lever on Amazon and ordered up two so I’d have a spare as I’m sure I’ll break another one eventually.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to About a 100 Feet a Day Working On Forest Trails

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Always something.

  2. Judith says:

    Hope the cables work on the generator. Two brake levers don’t sound like a bad idea. This is your second tump over in the last month or so if I remember correctly. Or I could be wrong. A long time ago I had a little Kawasaki “dirt bike” or something that was also street legal. It was very light weight. Some gravel in Big Bend led to a very slow tumping, where neither I nor the bike were hurt, but I was probably going too slow. Being a chicken. It was all fun, but I didn’t enjoy it very much on pavement going to town….more scared of traffic than anything else. Only had it 4-5 years.

  3. Nancy K says:

    Leather glove for lunch. YUM!!!

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