Afternoon Kayak, Monte Rio, Down to Sheridan Beach and Back

Sunday August 10,2014 Monte Rio CA.

I puttered around the yard until around three PM, then I headed down to Monte Rio for an afternoon kayak.

Ordered the new camera

But first, I ordered my new Canon G3o video camera from Amazon. I couldn’t see any reason not to , so I did. That should improve  my photos a bit as far as clarity. I use a video camera to get my still shots as they take them also.

So, being Sunday, I try to give most of the tourists on the river time to have fun and go home.

I drove down to Monte Rio for a yak as I haven’t been in the area for a bit and it’s always a nice area to paddle.

Kept my mouth shut at the boat ramp

There were people all over the boat ramp, even people sitting in chairs. I held my tongue as it wouldn’t do much good and would only piss me off more. I hate it when people sit in their chairs on the boat ramp as it’s dangerous to back a car down on them. Some people just don’t value their lives enough. They sit there in their chairs and if something goes wrong, they could not get out of the way in time.

Anyway, I got my boat in the water and headed on down the river at a very leisurely pace.

This was my view as I headed down the river for the day.russianriver


I paddled on down to the Villa Grande hole and on past it.

This was my view just past the Villa Grande hole, going down the river.villagrande


Turned around at Sheridan beach

I worked my way down to the Sheridan Ranch beach and sat at this spot, just across from it.sheridan


That’s as far as I wanted to go today, as I didn’t have much poop for much more.

I sat there and had something to eat, then started back up the river.

This is one of the places I stopped for a bit,  just above the Villa Grande hole, looking back up towards the town of Monte Rio.upriver


It was about six PM now as I paddled on back up the river. There wasn’t much current, so it wasn’t too hard paddling.

Some birds along the way

This cormorant was sunning on a log as I paddled by.cormorant2


This merganser duck was also on the log with the cormorant, but hopped in to the water as I approached.merganserduck


Continuing on up the river, just below Monte Rio.monterio


A great egret too

I was just below the slot where the fishermen fish in the winter time when I came upon this great egret fishing.monterio2


Most of the birds around  the Monte Rio area let you get fairly close to them. without flying off.

Close up view of the great egret.egret


I passed on by the egret and this great blue heron was getting the last rays of the sun for the day.heron


This is my view as I approached the Monte Rio boat ramp, just below the bridge.monteriobridge


I pulled my boat off the water and went on home for the day for a nap.

That was it for my day.

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