Kayaking with Birds and Strawberries, Lettuce and Bread

Sunday May 24, 2015 Jenner CA.

I put in at Jenner this morning around eleven AM. Being a holiday, there were a number of boaters already on the water, but the boat ramp wasn’t too busy at least at this time.

I hung around just in front of the visitor center for awhile watching what people were doing, then I headed across to Penny Island and sat around for awhile before deciding to head up the river.

‘The wind was down with some higher fog waffling around and some clouds too. The sun did poke through enough to make it a nice day.

The tide was out, so the river water level was low exposing much mud along the river’s edges.

Here I’m headed on up the river just below otter’s log.riverview


Great blue heron fishing

Just past otter’s log, I ran into this great blue heron fishing along the shore and having some success at it too. It was catching little fish about an inch long.heron


As I neared it, it flew into the air and did it’s dinosaur like auks letting me know it was displeased with the interruption. I auked back.heronfly2


The day was looking nice as I paddled along the edge of the river just past eagle’s landing here. With the tide being low, there were a lot of rocks exposed with green mosses and grasses growing on them.russianriver



I looked up to see this osprey looking down at me.osprey3


I was on a glide toward it, so when I got too close it took off.ospreyfly


I continued on up the river taking my time and just paddling along slow like.river


Two crows

These two crows were in the trees above me making a lot of crow noises as I passed.crows2


I made it up to the Muskrat area and sat for a bit watching. I watched a lone loon paddling around and just taking it easy across the river from me, but it never got close enough for a decent picture.

This grebe with the two ducks almost got close enough for a decent picture. The ducks appear to be Surf Scoters which I’ve been seeing around for the last couple weeks or so.birds


Eventually, I started back down the river. A big bird flew over my head and as I looked up I could see it was an osprey looking for fish.osprey


Ken visits

As I was cruising along the shoreline, two boats headed my way. It turned out to be Ken with his wife and his daughter with a friend out for the day. We shot the bull for just a bit, then Ken took off to catch up with his daughter who had continued on up the river and was getting ahead. The wind had picked up to about ten miles an hour so his daughter had moved up the river quite a ways with the help of the wind.

I left Ken and shortly after that I spied this hawk sitting in some reeds along the shore. This is the second time I’ve seen this bird in this spot. It’s been hunting the marches around here for a couple weeks now.hawk


Too muddy to get berries

I was thinking of blackberries as I was getting close to Swamp Rock where I knew there were some, but with the tide low, there was more mud then I wanted to deal with, so I didn’t stop along here.jenner


Instead, I headed on in for the day and went on home for a nap.

Armstrong Valley Farm strawberries

I still had berries on my mind so I was thinking I needed to check the pipe creek crossing into my brothers garden, which seemed like as good an excuse as any to raid his strawberry patch for a few berries, which I did. :O) I checked the pipe crossing as I want to add a drain valve so the line can be flushed to clean it out and also so the water line can be drained in the winter so it won’t freeze.

The strawberry patch.strawberries


I also knew his lettuces were looking good, so I brought a bag with me to get some for salads. lettuce


I had a nice big salad for dinner today and now I’m working on making some yeast bread which is rising as I type.

That was my day for another good one.

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