An Immature Bald Headed Eagle and a Cool Sunny Day Kayaking Around Jenner

Friday January 1, 2016 Jenner CA.

A bit chilly out

It was a little windy, five miles and  hour maybe, but it was cold. I thought about going back to Monte Rio, but maybe the wind would die and it would warm up a bit, as the sun was shining brightly. I put my boat in the water and crossed over to Penny Island where I stopped to decide which way to go today. I was thinking since the wind was blowing down river, maybe it would be nicer at the end of the river, so I headed down along the island here. It was low tide.heron


I paddled on by the open river’s mouth headed to the end of the river.mouth


An eagle

A seagull was doing a lot of hollering on a rock that I passed and thought that strange, but as I looked around I saw why. An immature bald headed eagle was sitting on a big redwood log right across the river from us. It’s feathers are just starting to turn white on the head and tail.eagle1


A sunny spot

As I watched it flew into the air and headed up river some place.  I continued on to the end of the river and pulled into this spot by the high sand which blocked the wind and it was in the sun so I was warming up.endriver


I stayed there for awhile, but eventually I decided I wasn’t going to see much behind the sand, so moved back out on the river and started heading back to the lower end of Penny  Island. There were a bunch of seagulls resting on the gravel across the river there when I came down, but now I didn’t see any.nobirds


The eagle again

I was watching this seagull barking away when I realized the eagle was sitting on a log behind it.seagull


That’s why most of the seagulls had left. I took some pictures then moved on up the back channel of the island leaving the eagle resting there.eagle4


Nice looking egret

Near the upper end of Penny Island I watched this snowy egret fishing away. They wiggle their feet in the water as they move along and hunt for fish apparently using their feet to attract little fish or maybe spooking them to catch them?egret2


The day was warming a little in the sun and the wind was starting to die down as I sat in this spot in the sun for a bit headed up the river.debris


Noisy geese

I crossed over the river to the north shore where these two geese were honking away as I approached. They sure can make a lot of noise honking away.geese


Muskrat area

I worked my way up the shoreline and then crossed back over the river to what I call Muskrat, just off to the left and sat for awhile just warming in the sun and watching things.muskrat


The day was now nice enough to be pleasant, so I took my time working my way back down along the shore looking for birds and critters along the way.

I went past this grebe just cruising along and getting some sun.grebe


I crossed back over to the north shoreline to check for birds and I went by these guys, a couple of geese, a great blue heron and some mallard ducks all just getting some sun and taking it easy.birds2


From there I worked my way down along the river’s edge and made it to the boat ramp and put my boat on the car and went on home for the day.

The sun was shining nicely when I got home so I thought I might do something in the yard, but when I went in the house, the couch got me and that was my day for another nice one.

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