An Old Friend Visits and We Go For a Ride and a Walk Up In the Hills

Friday February 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Tom visits

I invited Tom over for a visit today. We used to work at HP in the olden days in the Reliability Physics Lab.

He pulled into my driveway around noon and we sat down and shot the bull for an hour or so about old times and him possibly going on a trip with me in the future.tom3


Going for a ride

Eventually we mounted up and rode on up into the hills for a ride and to have a look around.

We stopped here at the Guerneville overlook to have a look at the view of Guerneville.overlook4


This was the view from the overlook, looking south.view5



Then we rode around the hills for a bit and stopped here at this trail head to go for a little walk down the trail I’ve been working on. I left another pair of gloves somewhere so this was an excuse to look for them and go for a little walk.parked7


We walked down the trail looking for the gloves.trail7


We didn’t find them and headed on back through here.trail8


Break spot

And stopped here at the chairs for a break and to shoot the bull some more.chairs10


We heard voices and my brother Tom and Dominique showed up looking over the trail, so we shoot the bull with them for a bit.visiting11


After that we got back on the bikes and rode on down this trail, taking a sharp right after crossing the creek here.trail12


We headed on up that trail to the waterfall and turned around and parked here to have a look at the little waterfall.falls13



It’s not a big waterfall, but it’s just a nice little onefall14


Another walk

From there we headed over to another trail I’ve been working on and walked out it looking for the gloves but still didn’t find them.

Big mushrooms

Walking back I spotted these big mushrooms. I’ve never seen this type this color before. They are a type that grows on wood, so there must be a big root under them that they are growing on.mushrooms15


It was getting late in the day so we headed back to my house and shot the bull a bit more before Tom headed for his home and I went in for a nap.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to An Old Friend Visits and We Go For a Ride and a Walk Up In the Hills

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Your place is so full of beauty, including that sweet waterfall.

  2. Judith says:

    Any waterfall is a nice waterfall. And a tiny one that is going all the time is an absolute wonder.

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