An Osprey, a Turtle, Hunters, Ducks, Pelicans and My BBQ Brush Wire Thingy

Sunday December 28, 2014 Jenner CA.

I wanted to kayak Monte Rio, but

Today, I decided I’d like to kayak Monte Rio if the boat ramp wasn’t too muddy from the recent rain storms. I drove down to the ramp and took a look. Still too much mud, but it’s drying up to almost walk on, so maybe sometime soon.

I headed on down to Jenner and put my boat in the water and headed on up the river to almost the bridge at my slow leisurely pace stopping often along the way.

This was my view looking back to the town of Jenner from up the river a bit.russianriver



I hadn’t seen any osprey for quite some time and was surprised when this one flew over my head and circled.ospray


Circling seagulls

I worked  my way back down the river a ways and was sitting when I noticed all the seagulls flying around up above my head, circling. I wonder what they are up to? Do they fly in circles until they figure out which way to go or what. Maybe just having fun?seagulls


A turtle

Where I was sitting in some big redwood logs, I looked over and I had overlooked this turtle. Turtles aren’t seen down in the estuary very often as most of the time I think there is too much salt in the water to their liking. However in the winter the rain run off coming down the river makes it more fresh water than most of the rest of the year. Some of them may also get flushed down this way when the river rages. I’m sure they can work their way back up the river when they want to.turtle


The hunters

I heard two shotgun blasts and one earlier that was up river. This time I looked across and saw these two people in a motor boat. They were hunting ducks, my ducks. :O) It’s legal to hunt down here in season, although most people wouldn’t do it. I don’t think they hit ducks. Usually after the first shot all the birds leave.hunters



I continued on down the river and ran into these ducks who were keeping a keen eye out for danger.

I’m starting to see some mergansers coming back after the rain storms. They had left with most of the other birds as when the water is too muddy, the fishing is bad, so they go someplace else. But the water is starting to clear now.mergansers


Seagulls and big bubbles

I continued on down to the down river end of Penny Island were there were a bunch of seagulls resting and flying around. I noticed some big bubbles mixed in with them. See any?birds


I could see some people on the beach up wind from the birds making these big bubbles that were floating up the river.bubble


The river’s mouth area

I headed on down to the river’s mouth area and a passed by this little duck that looks mad, to me.duck2


It was coming on high tide, so the current in the mouth wasn’t going out, but just starting to come into the river, so I headed on over to the rocks on the right, which is pretty much right in the open mouth.rivermouth


From that spot, I got a good view of what was going on in the ocean out front of the mouth.

Here a brown pelican is making a landing in the surf.pellicans


There were some surfers out there too. There’s one behind the pelicans. The ocean was a little rough which make big waves which the surfers love.surfer


As I sat there, the high tide picked up and was starting to come into the river making it hard to maintain my spot, so I let the current take me back into the river where I passed by these two ducks. The one on the left is a male merganser and I’m not sure about the one of the right?ducks


I slowly worked my way back to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Tomorrow’s plans, getting the BBQ brush wires removed

Tomorrow, I’m planning to get up early and drive down to the transport that takes one to the San Francisco VA to enter the Emergency room again. I have get the bus at 8AM which is early for me.

Everyone will be back working the ER with all the experts and all their fine machinery, so maybe we’ll get some wires removed.

I think they’ll try an ultrasound and maybe CT scan. Then I think they will follow up with a scope down the throat to do a visual. These little BBQ brush wires are very small and hard to find. They are about a half inch long and not much bigger than a hair.

It’s a good thing I discovered the wires, as if I didn’t, they’d be treating me for all the wrong things. I have a sore throat and my post nasal drip is running big time and I have a good cough These things started shortly after eating and discovering the wires.

Get smart, get rid of these kinds of brushes

Get rid of all your BBQ brushes that have tiny wires. They do a good job cleaning but aren’t worth the risk. Get brushes that only have big bristles as they can be easily seen, easy to note if you get one in your mouth and if you swallow one, the doc can find it easily.

Really, small wires in your food are very dangerous.

Anyway, I’m hoping they will be able to find any I might have swallowed. It will likely be a long day and I don’t expect to get home until after 8PM.

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  1. Patti Sundberg says:

    HI Bob,
    Happy to hear it was a minor ailment and you will be back
    to normal soon.
    Happy New Year

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