More on the Broken BBQ Brush Wire Emergency Room Visit and a Walk Around Fort Miley

Monday December 29, 2014 San Francisco CA.

I was up early this morning and was down here at the Santa Rosa VA Clinic at 7:30AM, an unheard of time to get up for me. :O)

Catching the bus

I waited with those guys over there for the bus to arrive to take us down to VA San Francisco, a VETS hospital where the emergency room was


Emergency Room

I’m using the emergency room, not so much that I have an emergency, but the way the VA works, is when things happen out of the ordinary, we are directed to their ER to get things done in a more timely matter. At least at this ER, the cost doesn’t sky rocket like other places.

I got there about nine thirty and signed into the ER. Things didn’t take long to happen.

This was the first exam room I was in. I was too busy to get photos in all the other places I was


Back to x-ray

They decided to send me back up to x-ray. We taped one of the broken brush wires to my shoulder to see if it would show up in the x-ray. It didn’t, but they determined all the stuff inside me they could see looked good, which is always good. Plus now they have x-rays of most of my insides for the records for any future things that might pop up as I age, heaven forbid. :O)

A CT-scan

From that, they said they think I might have heart burn, which I was in doubt of. So, we decided to do a CT scan, which also wouldn’t show the wire, but it would show if anything was messed up by it, maybe. It also came out good and my insides all looked real good, from my tongue clear down to the other end. :O) That’s another good sign, looking good inside, I mean.

Treated for heart burn

So, the doc says we are going to treat you for heart burn and gave me four times the regular dose of PPIs to take for a week and then I’d see my regular doc for a follow up. I still wasn’t real happy with this conclusion at this time,…… but.


The last thing he did was an EKG just to make sure I wasn’t having any of those kinds of problems and that looked good too.

He let me go at five minutes to two and my bus was going to leave at two, so I missed that one, which was ok, but now I had to wait for the next and last bus at six PM, which is ok, because this place is a nice place to go for some walks.

An excellent experience

During my walks around this place I had time to think about this thing and decided it was possible I did have heart burn. I was thinking maybe the stress from knowing I might have some of those wires in me, might have stressed me more than I thought, so, maybe the docs will be right. It they are, I should be able to dump this heart burn thing in a short time, we’ll see.

All in all, I had excellent treatment by all the people I came into contact with at this hospital and very timely too. I didn’t have to wait long for any of the stuff they did with me and it was a pleasure to work with the people down there. If I hadn’t been the patient, I might even say I enjoyed it. :O)

Fort Miley

This is what I read about Fort Miley as I started down a trial near the ocean.miley


And this is one of the large guns they were using in those days here, as the cliffs are loaded with old gun  placements and ammo bunkers.gun


Walking around the place

I looked down there and didn’t like what I saw, all the people I mean, but it’s holiday time so there are lots of people out and about.people


I headed down to that spot on this trail through the woods.trail


On the way down I took this photo of a bridge.ggb


There were too many people down on that trail so I walked  into another part of the Golden Gate Park, a Golf course which partly surrounds the hospital. No one on the course late in the day like


I also walked all around and inside most of he buildings, just to check things out and kill some time.

Hot motor cycles

I stopped by and looked at these three cycles and noted that they sure were built a lot different than the ones I used to ride. All three of these machines looked like they could get up and go.bikes


It started to get dark about five, so I found a peaceful spot to  hang out with a comfortable chair.

While sitting there I noticed a couple things.

This rack with bags for your wet umbrella. Just thought it was  an interesting contrast to my normal life in the country.Ubags


And above my head was this big light. It had redwood trees printed on it to look like a skylight, which looked very good and I though it was very creative. The photo doesn’t do it justice, as it was in full color and was likely a photograph printed on the glass.lighttree

The bus rolled in just before six PM and home I went, about a two hour ride.

So, you can see it’s a good idea to get rid of any small wired brushes you use on the BBQ and get some with larger wires. And use a light to grill so you can see if something does go wrong, which is just as important. I sure learned my lesson.

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