I Had Intentions to Kayak,……………But

Sunday February 9, 2014 Jenner CA.

The rain just kept coming

When I woke this morning the rain was still coming down which was good. I wanted to go down to Jenner to kayak. Sometimes there is less rain in Jenner, because it is right on the ocean, but not always. One has to go down there to see to find out for sure. There was also another storm coming in this afternoon, which should be the last in this series. So, even if it is raining down at Jenner, taking a ride down there is still better than sitting around the house all day long. And besides, the fifteen or so mile road trip down there goes though some nice country and is nice in itself.

As I passed though Monte Rio, the rain seemed to increase and wasn’t looking like it was going to let up, but I was still hopeful for Jenner.

However, as I approached Jenner, it was raining even harder, so I was thinking I was washed out for the day. So I drove on down to the overlook above the river’s mouth area to have a look and take some pics.

The Russian River is up and muddy and flowing fairly good.

This is a picture of the river’s mouth, where the river flows into the Pacific ocean.rivermouth


Ok I gave up on the idea of kayaking for the day, but I thought it might be good to go back to the launch ramp and clear the larger tree stuff off of it, just to accomplish something for the day.

The ramp looks about the same as yesterday. I tried to push the tree off the ramp, but that didn’t feel good on my back, so I got out my little hand tree saw and cut it into smaller pieces, which I could then throw off the ramp without too much trouble. There was still some tree stuff in the water stuck to the ramp, beyond which I could get to, which I’ll have to get off latter, unless the water comes up higher and takes it off. The water won’t likely come up much higher as the more waster coming down the river now usually just blows the mouth open even further.

I removed the tree stuff you can see in the picture of the Jenner launch ramp at the visitor center.boatramp


It was still raining pretty good as I finished off that project, so I decided to go talk with the volunteer working in the visitor center, just for something to do.

This picture is looking down river from the visitor center deck.jenner


And this one is off the deck looking up the river.upview


The guy at the visitor center wasn’t too busy today, so I talked with Don for a good bit, before someone else came in and I left and headed for home.

Might as well stop in at Monte Rio and check the river out there, so I did.

This is the boat launch area, which is underwater to the left. The road is flooded to the right as the river is up. Mallard ducks in the water, they sure like this rain stuff.boatramprio

Of course with the muddy water up this high, it will deposit some gooey mud on the ramp, so I’ll have to put my flat shovel in the car for the next time I use the ramp, when the water goes down.

Just above ramp, is the Monte Rio bridge, which I took a picture of showing the high river water.monterio


As I approached the Guerneville area, the rain was starting to let up. Should I go back to Jenner? Likely only a short break in the rain, so I decided to go on home. The rain picked up again, so I made the right decision.

Since I was home for the day,  I did get the vacuum out and did a couple of rooms with it and then a nap.

That’s if for the day.

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