An Otter, a Bird and a Seal Kayaking Jenner

Sunday October 20, 2013 Jenner, CA.

Another otter day

When I arrived at Jenner today to kayak, it was foggy and a bit on the cool side. It didn’t’ look like a day to get any good pictures, but one never knows.

I put my boot in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island and on up to Otter’s log on the south side of the river. Like I said, there wasn’t much happening, a couple seals in the water and a few birds around.

I continued on up to Eagle’s landing and by now I was sure it was a bit on the cold side. The light breeze was blowing a cool wind right though me. I hung around there for awhile and then headed back down the river on the south side taking my time and headed for the river’s mouth.

Something on the big redwood log

I was just going by a big redwood log when something caught my eye, fairly close to me.

This is what caught my eye, an otter climbing up on the log, about fifty feet from me.otter


It looked right at me as as I backed off just a bit.otter3


I think it may have been the same one I saw a couple days ago as it didn’t try to ditch me, but just climbed up on that log and began to groom and then had a little nap.

Here it is up on the big redwood log.otter5


It was keeping an eye on me as I maneuvered closer, but didn’t seem to be too concerned about my presence.otter2


It did a lot of grooming and then took a little nap.otter4


I watched it for about a half hour while we both napped a bit, then it slid back in the water, did some hunting by the log and headed on up the river.

I continued on down the river, down the Penny Island back channel and on to the river’s mouth area.

Going down the back channel, I got fairly close to this little bird by the water.bird


I paddled over to John’s house and gave him some fresh apples as a reward for picking up all the trash around the river in Jenner. We shot the bull for awhile and some pelicans came in and landed close by.

Brown pelicans came in for a bath in the fresh river water.pelicans


Tipped off by the seagulls

I continued on down to the river’s mouth. Just before getting there, some seagulls tipped me off that a seal had a salmon and was eating it. Now, this seal was being very careful with it’s prize and wasn’t’ showing it much, so I snapped a lot of shots trying to get a picture of it and the fish. There were several seals rolling around and trying to share the fish, so there was a lot of water splashing around.

Now, that seal just wasn’t going to show that fish. I took about fifty photos trying to get a good shot and this is the best I could do. I think the head was all that was left of it.sealfish


Then I went over to the mouth and looked out to the ocean. The mouth is open. I’m cold. I didn’t stay long and headed back to the take out at the Jenner visitors centerrivermouth


I was off the water just after five PM and was back in the sun shine about two miles from Jenner trying to get warm with my car heater.

That was it for the day, another interesting day at Jenner.

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