Stayed Home and Did Some Bulldozer Work

Saturday October 19, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

Lot’s of trees needed clearing off the fire roads

My brother purchased a new battery this week so, just maybe, the old bulldozer would start. It’s been sitting out in the weather for about a year now, so waking it up can sometimes be quite a challenge.

I strapped that battery to the rack of my little four wheeler and took it up the hill and hooked it up. Turned the key and hit the start button and vroooom, vrooooom, it started right up. Great.

I knew the transmission fluid was low and I likely wouldn’t get much done before the tractor wouldn’t move without more fluid, so I decided to do some light stuff first to see how things where going to work out. With the battery, I didn’t have room to bring some more transmission fluid up the hill.

This picture shows a big tree across the road in front of the bulldozer I’m operating. I pushed it off the road. There were quite a few of these dead trees across the road.treedown


I cleaned that tree up and just past there I noticed the tractor was starting to have moving problems, so I drove it down the hill some and parked it in the redwoods at this spot.bulldozer


Not much I could do until I brought up some transmission oil, but that would be another day.

I went for a little ride around the hill on my four wheeler to check out the roads and as long as I was near the top of the hill, I went up and looked out toward the town of Guerneville.

It’s a little smoky for some reason, but the town of Guerneville is down there. This is a nice overlook area.Guerneville

I went on home and had something to eat and a nap and was thinking of going kayaking, but just couldn’t quite get it going.

Eventually, I decided to take the transmission oil up the hill and put it in the tractor and do some more work.

I put the five gallons of oil in the tractor transmission, which brought it up to the full mark and pushed some more trees off the road until just before dark. I got back home at dark and boy was I pooped out. The coach got me right away. :O)

Nice day in the forest.

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