Last Day of This Year’s Reunion

Saturday August 24 2013 Guerneville, CA.

Elementary school reunion

Today we’d go over to the Henderson place and have a get together potluck. Anne invited us over and we hadn’t seen her in years. There’s always lots of good food and we all chat away like a bunch of kids.

This is the BBQ gang at Henderson’s.bbq


Most of the group talking about old times.people


And another group picture of us relaxing and enjoying the day visiting old friends.people2

We spent most of the day over there having a great time. After that, we headed back to the cabin and got a camp fire going where we finished off the occasion roosting marshmallows.

Cynthia said we should all have a tell and show sometime, so I said ok, I’m game. I have to get something out of my car, be right back.

I had the marbles from the mountain of marbles I had retrieved form Ajo, AZ last winter.

Here are a few of these marbles from Marble Mountain. Nobody seems to know exactly how these things were formed. Most of them are around an inch in diameter. None of them were bigger than an inch and a half. They have some little nodules on the surfaces, so they were not formed by rolling around. They are found in a layer of compressed rock around six feet thick if I remember right. They were scattered around in this layer, like maybe they blow up in the air with ash which seems to be what the layer is composed of and then compressed.

Marbles from Marble Mountain, Ajo, AZ.marbles


A couple of them close up. The one on the right, I buffed up a bit.marbles3


Hugs all around and I left and headed on home.

We had a real nice reunion.

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