Our Grammar School Reunion Yak

Thursday August 22, 2013 Jenner, CA.

Just like a bunch of otters

Our grammar school class has been having a little reunion the last few years at Guerneville. We usually do a day kayak trip up from Monte Rio, but this year things were a little different so I thought it might a a good idea to see how they’d do at Jenner for an evening kayak, where we go out, wait until dark and return.

After visiting at the cabin most of the day, we set out for Jenner around 6:30 Pm, eight of us. There was a bit of a breeze when we got there, but not too bad, so we got all the boats in the water and headed up stream.

The plan was to go up river about three miles to Markum hole and wait until it got dark and head on back in the dark.

This was sorta an introduction to night kayaking and also a chance for me to see how a group of people would work out on a night kayak. The lumens weren’t going to be good tonight, but it should still be a fun night out.

We all headed up river a little slower than I expected. We passed some seals in the water and some birds along the way. Near Otter’s log, I tried to get them together for a group picture.

It took a lot longer to get that group pic than I thought it would, as a group of kayakers is a lot like a group of otters, but we finally got the group in position for some pictures.

This picture is of some of them as we tried to get positioned for the picture.group1


As you can see in this picture, they seemed to be having fun, just like the otters



This is the best picture I could get of them.group


And of course they had to get me in the pic, I’m the one in the middle.groupa


That picture, although fun to get, really slowed us down and I could see we likely would not make it up to Markum hole in time, but that was ok.

We continued on up the river until we got just below the highway one bridge when Vickie, the person who hadn’t kayaked  before started to poop out, we left her and Mila behind at the bridge and continued on up the river a bit more until it started to get dark. We made it just below seals heaven where we turned around and started on back.

There seemed to be a lot of little six inch type fish jumping out of the water here and there. I had about dozen of them jump out of the water near my right elbow once, never seen them like that before.

Anyway we picked up Mila and Vickie and worked our way back to Jenner in the dark and and got back just after ten PM. Vickie was doing much better by now too.

Quite an experience kayaking with a group at night. I think most of us had fun and a good time. That was my day.

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