Another Pipe Crossing Completed and Lighting Up the Chickens

Friday October 30, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Pipe line work

I thought I had one more pipe crossing to finish up so today I jumped on the quad and rode up to the crossing I wanted to finish up.

I rode right up to the pipe that holds the plastic water pipe in the air as I had to stand on the quad to unfasten it to get it to the ground.quad


One little problem

The only problem I could see is the pipe needed to go right up the hill on the other side of the quad which is really steep, like straight up.road


I got the pipe installed in the underground steel pipe ok.pipe


And the water pipe came out and went to the water tanks ok.tanks


Too steep

But now I  had to get the two ends hooked back up but it was too steep for me to get up there to do it. You can see both pipe ends that need to be hooked up after some more hard work.pipes


Trail work

It took some time but I was able to get a trail through there and now the two pipes are ready to hook up.trial



But in the process of hooking the pipes up I kinked the pipe and now I have a leak I need to fix.leak



I cut the bad kinked part out and put in a coupler. I had a hard time getting the coupler to seal up and it still drips a bit so I’ll bring up a better wrench to tighten the clamps up better the next time I come up.pipefix


Critter punctures

I was able to finish up that crossing and I knew of a spot up the hill that had a couple of critter teeth water punctures in the pipe that I needed to tape up so I hiked up this ravine where the two leaks were and fixed them up.ravine


Missed a crossing

On the ride up to fix the pipe leaks I discovered I still had one more crossing to finish but not today as this last crossing had another trial to dig like I did on the one I did today.

So I rode on home for a rest and some chair hopping around the yard.

Lighting up the chickens for more eggs

One of the last things I did today was set the timers for a light on the chickens roost as I’ve only been getting a couple eggs from about 25 chickens. That’s because it’s the time of year when they molt and egg production goes way down.

I read somewhere that if the daylight goes below 14 hours a day that controls their egg laying and most of them slow down or stop so I put the light on for a fourteen hour day. extending the light for two hours at the start of darkness and then it turns on a few hours before sunup.

We’ll see if that helps.

Here’s the light with the chickens on their roost for the night.light


There’s Carmelo the rooster with his girls.roost


I did a bit more chair hopping and ate a few raspberries that got ripe and that was it for me today.

Nice day.

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One Response to Another Pipe Crossing Completed and Lighting Up the Chickens

  1. Nancy K says:

    It was always my job to gather the eggs. We had so many chickens that it didn’t matter about daylight. It’s interesting how much light affects production. I’m just getting the biggest kick out of your “herd” of chickens. Isn’t that weird about critter bites? I have the same problem in Arizona. I had to run my line through PVC pipe.

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