Potatoes, Water Pipe Crossing Work and a Water Tank Problem

Sunday November 1, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Potato harvest

When my brother harvests potatoes he always has some with defects and some that get hit from the digger that are rejects and can’t be sold at the farmer’s market so it’s a good source of corn free food for me.

I went over to  his place and loaded these potatoes in sacks.pots


The potatoes keep better in the fridge so that’s where I put them as there’s not much else in my fridge.

So here’s the bags of potatoes that went in my fridge.bags


I grabbed a few reject onions too that were starting to sprout, good enough for me.

Talking chickens

Then I walked over to the neighbor’s that I was talking chickens with about a week ago to see what they got in new chickens. The new chickens looked good and we talked chickens for a bit.

Pipe crossing work

I still have one more spring water pipe crossing to do so I rode the quad runner up into the hills to the spot here and parked by the pipe so I can stand on the quad to get the pipe down off the pipe pole to move it, but I didn’t get around to that today as I had  more work to do first.quad


Steep part

I needed to get the water pipe down this steep hill to the pipe crossing on the road at the lower left of the picture but it was steep and so a trial needed to be made to put the pipe on and make a place for me to work on it.bank


Trial digging

So I started to work on the trail which was slow going as the ground is dry right now. A little rain would loosen things up a bit and make the job a lot easier. But since I wanted to get his crossing done I dug away with lots of breaks between the working part.trail


Time changes

I figure I got a little over half of the trail done by about 5 when I quit. Actually I quit at 4 but I thought it was 5. Daylight savings time was up today but I didn’t find that out until this evening.

Water tank problem

On the way home I looked at the water level in our water tanks and was surprised to find them half empty or half full.

Hummmmm, That shouldn’t be so I had a better look at things and found all the water falling off the top of the input tank. It seems the other day when I worked on the crossing here I pulled the plastic water line off the top of the tank so now no water was getting into the tanks.

Need help fixing it

Well I don’t’ like heights, especially at this later age so I went down to talk with my brother Tom that used to build these tanks for a living for wine and told him about it and asked him to fix it tomorrow.

Good to catch that before the tanks were completely out of water.

It was about this time I discovered the time change so the day was all of a sudden done and it was getting dark.

Nice day working in the forest.

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2 Responses to Potatoes, Water Pipe Crossing Work and a Water Tank Problem

  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m curious just how far your water lines go. Seems like it’s a long way from the spring. Yeah I ran into that time change thing too. I refuse to comply.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    You’re always doing something constructive but I’m glad you know when and where you should be climbing! :)
    You don’t mention any aches from your roll down the hill so I assume you had no side effects.

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