Looking For Steel Pipe and Doing the Final Figuring For the Pipe Crossings

Friday October 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Pipe crossing work

Today I thought I’d see what I could round up as far as pipe to make my underground spring pipe crossings on our hill roads.

Hunting up pipe

I looked at what I had in pipe but not much, just these two pieces leaning on the redwood trees. They’d work but a little longer would be better and there’s not enough to do the job.pipe



So I went next door to my brother Tom’s place to see what he had and hit  the jackpot in steel pipe. There’s plenty of steel pipe to make the pipe crossings. All I have to do is cut the pipes to the length I want.pipes


Finish figuring the pipe crossings

That meant I needed to hop on the dirt bike and ride back up in the hills to do some final figuring on the pipe crossings now that I knew what I had to work with.

Erosion control

I rode by this area my brother Barry spread straw out on the ground for erosion control by the creek that goes by here. Looks good.straw


Water level

And I rode by our water tanks and checked the water gauge,. The pink ribbon on the side says the tanks are  just over half full so I can do a little watering on my weeds.tanks


Figured out the pipe crossings

This was the first plastic pipe crossing I need to put underground in a metal  pipe so I marked he spot exactly where I wanted the pipes with some rocks and measured it and marked it on my paper.crossing


I rode around checking all 6 of the pipe crossings I want to improve and got all the measurements.

Brush and trees are always falling on the forest roads so I have to remove it as I go. This was a little one.brush


Getting a drink and checking the main spring water flow

I rode the dirt bike around the hills a bit then was thirsty so I headed for our main water spring here for a nice drink of water.spring


I also measured how much water was coming out of that spring. Just under 2 gallons a minute of nice fresh spring water.water


After that I headed for the strawberry patch and ate a few. There’s not as many of them now so I had to hunt around a bit for a few of them.

Then it was home for a  nap.

After that I did some chair hopping and puttering around the yard doing a bit of weed watering and watching my chickens graze around the yard.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Nice to have a plan and be able to put it into place. I’m sure erosion will be a problem with all the fires. Nature likes to throw us curve balls.

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