Avocado Tree and a Nice Ride In the Forest On the Talking Trees Trail

Thursday October 28, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Avocado tree planting

I noticed I had a little avocado tree seedling that came up under  my big avocado tree.tree


Planted and protected

It seemed like a good idea to plant it in it’s own spot by the big avocado tree so I prepped the ground for it and got some fence wire to go around it to protect it from the chickens.planted


Ride on the Talking Trees Trail

After that I was out of energy so I napped and took it easy until late afternoon when I got it going for a quad runner ride through the redwood forest. I wanted to check out the Talking Trees Trail to see how it faired through the big storm that dropped 15 inches on us overnight.

I checked the gas and took off up the trail at a leisurely pace. Everything was nice and clean and lush after the rain.trail3


I rode up through here.trail4


And down through here on the trail throwing things off the trail that had fallen in the winds.trail5


Trail work

Like these limbs that fell off a tree that I had to stop and remove to pass on by.brush6


Peaceful spot

I stopped here for a break and to sit and enjoy the forest for a bit. It’s real peaceful in this spot.quad7


I stopped here at the waterfall but there wasn’t much water in the falls yet.trail9


Road work

I made it to the end of the trail and continued up this road and had to stop and remove these small branches to get by.limbs10


Trees down

Once past that one I ran into this one that was too big for me to move so I turned around and went another way.tree11


There were quite a few trees down on the road so I  had to turn around often.

Our spring

I made it up to our spring and had a drink of water and checked it’s flow rate. Almost two gallons a minute up a little over a gallon after the big storm for a total of just under two gallons a minute.spring12


Break time

I continued up that road to the top of the hill where I parked and enjoyed a break on the log rounds for a bit.top13


Forgot something

I’d left a tool on the Talking Trees trail so I headed back over there and went down it to pick up the tool.

Damned up creek

From there I headed towards home but got stopped by this damned up creek that was a bit deep for the quad runner to cross without me getting real wet and possibly killing the machine in the middle.creek15


So I turned around and went another way.

Cleaned this culvert of debris

I stopped at this culvert to clear the debris to help keep it from getting plugged up during the next storm.culvert


End of the day

By the time I got home it was 6:30 and I was tired out from all the work so I rested up a bit before going out and shutting the chickens in for the night.

Nice day.

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