Brushing Out an Old Road and Trimming the Avocado Tree

Wednesday March 20, 2024 Guerneville  CA.

Forest work

Barry showed up this morning. We were going up into the hills and clear the brush off this old road.raod1

Barry brushed with the loppers and his  chainsaw and I pushed it all off the road with the dozer.

When we got to the end of the road, I stopped here for a break.dozer3

Barry was already down there taking a break.barrry4

I think he’s taken over my side by side as he’s been using it more than I have.barry5

While I was up dozing the brush off the road, Barry went over and cut the log off that was hanging over the road.log6

After a couple of hours we had our work done in the forest so we headed back to my place.

Barry took off for his place and I went for a short dirt bike ride. When I returned to my place, I found this and my big avocado tree was partly trimmed.ladder7

Tom said to clean up the brush and he’d finish cutting the avocado tree back, so I cleaned up the stuff he’d already cut.brush8

Tom’s moving his equipment back in to finish pruning the big tree back.tractor9

He had his chainsaw pole saw to make the cuts.tom10

He’s taking out a small wedge to make the cut.wedge11

And then he cuts the big limb off and down it goes.trmber12

Now I had some more brush to clean up.brush13

I got most of it cleaned up, enough for now as I was tired out.cleanedup14

The reason

The reason I wanted to cut the avocado tree back is the tree was so high, I couldn’t pick the fruit and by the time it fell to the ground it was over ripe  and it got messed up from hitting the ground, so we made the tree shorter so I can pick the fruit before it gets ripe and messed up. That tree was about sixty feet high. I also have a new avocado tree I’m going to plant next to this one real soon, as soon as I get the time.

Fueling up

And the last thing I did today.  Skiddy needed fuel so I got the stuff out to do that. The electric fuel pump makes this job easy.fuel15

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    I am consumed with envy. An avocado tree right where you live. More and more it sounds like you are in Eden.

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