Taking Care Of My Sore Tooth At My New Dentist Went Well

Tuesday August 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Yesterday, the last tooth I got crowned and rooted last winter, started to give me some hurts. Not real bad, but bad enough something wasn’t right.

So today around noon I gave my new dentist a call for an appointment and got one for 3PM.

My old dentist retired and sold her business so I needed to get the new one trained.:O)  I’m not one of those persons that just sit in the chair, but want to know everything that is going on and ask a lot of questions. It’s my body and I have to live with whatever we do.

So I had some time to kill, so sat around the yard and just took it easy giving my back a rest.

Appointment time

I left a bit early and got there a half hour early and was in the chair in about five minutes getting some X-rays.

Then I had to wait a bit for the dentist to finish up with someone else and I met the new dentist.

I explained to her how I operate and she was fine with that.

The X-rays didn’t show anything so she did about a half dozen little tests on the tooth explaining everything and nothing showed up bad which was a good sign.

Only time will tell

She said the tooth looked a bit high and recommended she grind on it a bit and see how it goes so she worked on that a bit and things felt a bit better so I think she got it, only time will tell.

Anyway I paid and was satisfied with my new dentist, she and her staff did well and I still have my tooth.

Nap time

When I got home I was thinking of doing some work on the chicken pen or maybe going for a dirt bike ride up in the hills, but I needed a nap.

I decided to not do any work to give my back a rest and sat around with the chickens instead. And didn’t get around to going for a bike ride either.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Taking Care Of My Sore Tooth At My New Dentist Went Well

  1. Old Fat Man says:

    I had a slightly high tooth once and it was a major pain in the jaw hinge area,

  2. Patritia I Richards says:

    It’s always nice when a tooth doesn’t need ‘surgery’ of any kind. Nice for the patient and for the pocketbook!

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