Biologists, a Wild Turkey and a Bunch of Swallows as I Paddle Around the Estuary

Wednesday May 18, 2016 Jenner CA.

The new No Parking signs

As I pulled into the Jenner parking lot this morning, the lady from the visitor center flagged me down to tell me what she found out about why the NO Parking signs were on the highway. It seems with the new much needed cross walk, they needed to clear the view for approaching cars to the cross walk to improve the car’s visibility. There’s a slight hill at that point, so visibility is just fine, but the road powers that be just follow the rules and I guess the parking is gone.

Biologists are taking samples

I put my boat in the water noting that there were a couple biologist boat trailers in the parking lot. I could see them down the river and they were heading up towards me as I crossed the river, so I knew they would go over by the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island, the same place I was headed.

They are sampling the waters and shores for critters. They collect samples that are sent to Washington State U. to be identified.

Here, these two ladies are dragging a net thingy to collect samples near the shoreline on Penny Island. They do this at several spots on the estuary


You can see the net thingy here. It has a collection tube on the bottom which you can just see in the water.net2


The guys in the boat are doing the same thing, but out in the river. They drag the bottom and also take mud samples on the bottom and on the shoreline.

He’s pulling in the net collector in this photo. There’s a diver on board for the underwater bottom collecting.bioboat


I left them at it and continued on up the river to eagle’s landing where I sat for a bit enjoying the day as it was a nice one.river


The sound of a wild turkey

I worked my way up the river to this spot where I heard a wild turkey somewhere across the river, so I crossed over near Paddy’s rockriver2


Now that turkey wasn’t making much noise and I couldn’t locate it, so I continued on down the river along the shoreline looking for critters.

At the end of the grassy field I spotted the wild turkey. It was just ready to jump up on that post and cross the highway which is just on the other side of the fence posts.turkey


Looking for berries on Penny Island

The turkey disappeared so I continued on down the river heading over to the back side of Penny Island. I went to shore on the island here to look for some berries to eat.island


People on the mattress vines

I was looking for berries when I heard some people on the island so I had a look. They were in the Mattress vines, just sitting on them and checking out the bushes springiness having a good old time on them. I told them the bushes were called mattress vines and talked with  them for a bit then continued on my berry hunt to the other side of the island. I found some ripe salmon berries and a few ripe black berries and made them disappear before I could get any pics of them. :O)

I returned to my boat and headed on down the island back channel along here.islandchannel


There were some terns resting on the lower end of Penny Island. Here’s one of them.tern


I play, they work

I headed on down towards the river’s mouth area and noticed these guys working up by the restaurant on the power lines.worker


River’s mouth is open

I paddled on down to the open river’s mouth and this is what it looked like as I approached.rivermouth


There were plenty of harbor seals resting on the sand.

Here’s just a few of them.seals


I went by these cormorants fairly close and moving fairly slowly and they didn’t fly off as I passed.cormorants


Sure a nice day

The sun was out and the wind was low as I left the mouth area headed back to the boat ramp.russianriver


Swallow nests

I was going by the houses along the water front when I heard a ruckus and noticed these swallows in their nests. This little boat house is loaded with them.swallows


I headed to the boat ramp and took my boat out and went on home for the day for a good nap.

Checking out our water springs

In the evening I hopped on a quad runner and went up the hill to check on our water tanks and how much water our springs were putting out. I forgot and left my camera at home.

I found the pipe on the right coming from the springs on the right not flowing so went up the hill to find out what was wrong. It turned out a tree had fallen on the water line and pulled a connector apart, so I put it back together and went back down to the water tanks to see how much water we were getting from our two springs. The main spring on the left was putting out about six gallons of water a minute and the one I just fixed was putting out about the same for a total of 12 gallons of water a minute. That’s a lot of water, but it will taper off some as the summer progresses.

That done, I went on home and that was my day.

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