Birds and the Pacific Ocean Paddling Around Jenner

Wednesday April 30, 2014 Jenner CA.

A gorgeous day at Jenner

I was down at Jenner this morning about 10:30. I headed on down to the river’s mouth area right away. The wind was down and the sun was out, but you never know when the wind might come up, so I thought I’d do the mouth area first as it can get the windiest.

The Pacific Ocean

I don’t usually go to shore near the mouth area very often, but today, I thought I’d go to shore and check it out.

I put ashore here, which is the end of the river, the mouth is out of sight to the right. The yellow rope is a line they put up to keep the people back from the harbor seals.kayak


I walked over to the Pacific ocean and looked back towards the river’s mouth and the jetty, which is just to the left of the rocks in the middle of the picture.That’ Goat rock out there to the right. Nice day. The water you see from left to right is the river spilling into the ocean, not much of it right now.rivermouth


This was my view looking to the right or north out into the Pacific ocean.ocean


I ran into Steve down there, so I joined him and we put back in the water and spent some time just watching in front of the river’s mouth area.


A couple of Brown Pelican’s landed in front of us. This one just landed, but jumped back in the air to change positions on the water.pelicanfly



After awhile we headed up the river to Penny Island where I spotted these swallows getting some mud to build their nests. They were constantly in motion, they’d touch down just for an instant then be back in the air again, moving almost like they were one.swallows4



There were some terns resting on the west end of the island.

This is one of them. They eat little fish.tern2


We slowly worked our way up the river, taking the back channel of Penny Island, on up past Otter’s log and then we crossed the river to the north side, just before getting to Paddy’s rock.

Stopped to check out the Bovinosarous pasture

We put ashore here just to check out the nice green pasture. Now, this is the pasture of the big ol Bovinosarous, so we had to be real careful we didn’t get attacked.

This is where we put ashore, nice and green.shore


We carefully walked up into the pasture and looked around and lucky for us, those bovinosarous could be seen way down on the other end of the pasture and hadn’t noticed we were in their spot.

This is the view of the pasture looking down where the bovinosarous were.See them way down there? Some people call them cows, but that’s not near as fun.field


This was our view as we looked back down to the town of Jenner from the pasture. Spring time is here for sure.jenner


We left there and headed up to Rat Nest beach were we spent some time before turning around and heading back towards Jenner.

These cormorants where sunning on this log as we went by.cormorants


Fighting Mallard ducks

We pulled into the little channel at the east end of Penny Island for a break. While we were sitting there a male mallard duck flew in and attacked another male with a female. They scuffled and splashed and eventually, the female just up and flew away with the duck that attacked.duckfight


This other pair of Mallards was sitting on the other side of the channel and could care less.mallards


I left Steve in the channel and went on in for the day tired out from a real nice day.

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