I Was Wrong About the Graves

Monday April 28, 2014 Jenner CA.

Paddling Jenner in the wind

The wind was down when I arrived at Jenner this morning and the sun was out too.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island and went on up the river. I looked at the channel on the east end of Penny Island to see if I could paddle into it, but during the night the mouth had opened up some and the water was too low, so I continued on up the river.

My view as I paddled on up the river this morning along the south shoreline.upriver


Checking out the grave site

I was thinking it would be a good day to check out the graves I thought I saw the other day so I crossed over the river to check them out.

This is where I landed to check out the graves, looking back to the town of Jenner.Jenner


As I approached the site of what I thought were some graves. Sure looks like it from here. I was thinking that maybe this was some graves from an old rancher that used to live on the land here, fenced in to keep the cattle out.crosses2


But, I was fooled. Closer inspecting showed me that the crosses were from a road accident.

This turned out to be one of the Mexican type memorials that the Mexican people put up when a dear one dies on the road. I drive by it everyday, but see it from a different angle.crosses


Steve with his umbrella

While I was there, I saw Steve going by with his umbrella sail headed up the river, so I got the boat back in the water and joined him.steve


We went up to Eagle’s landing and spent a bit of time, before heading back down the river.

This is one of the places we stopped for  a bit while heading down the river.jenner2


We passed this pair of Mallards on a redwood log.mallards


We put ashore on the west end of Penny Island where we went for a little walk.shoreisland


We had a nice little walk as the island is in spring conditions and everything is nice and green.

When we came back to our boats the wind had picked up quite a bit.

We got back in our boats and crossed over to the slot near the west end of the island. It’s out of the wind so we took a break there in our boats.

Looking out of the slot down towards the river’s mouth.  You can see from the waves that the wind was up.slot2


We left that area and headed on down towards the river’s mouth, keeping by the  shoreline to minimize the wind. We went on down until we ran into some harbor seals on the beach which we needed to avoid, so we stopped and decided to head on back. The waves were fairly big down here and Steve didn’t seem to want to go out in them. I did though.

Harbor seals on the beach in front of us. That one little one looks like a real white one which I don’t see many colored that way down here.harborseals


I paddled out in the waves just before getting to the mouth area. I saw Steve headed on back by the shore so I turned around and rode the waves back to the slot near the west end of Penny Island.waves


Back up the river again

We decided to head on back up the river by way of the back channel of Penny Island hoping the wind would be less up there and it was. We paddled all the way back up to Otter’s Log and eventually went in for the day, around 5:30:PM.

Of course we had to pass back through the real windy area as we approached the take out, but it was sorta nice out now with a strong warm wind.

Not as many birds and critters out today, partly because of the strong winds and likely because a lot of them are nesting right now somewhere else.

That was it for another good day kayaking Jenner.

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