More Seal Pups and a Walk on the Poison Oak Alley Trail

Thursday May 1, 2014 Jenner CA.

Just another fine day kayaking around Jenner

I had my boat in the water about 10:30 this morning. Interesting, yesterday there were lots of people around and today, there was almost none. People seem to come out and get it out of their system and don’t return for awhile which is fine with me. :O)

The sun was out and the wind was down  for another great day.

Ray showed up just as I was putting my boat in the water.

Headed for the river’s mouth area

We paddled across to Penny Island and sat for a bit before continuing on down to the river’s mouth area by the ocean.

This is our view as we approached the mouth area. Harbor seals and some birds were resting on the sandy beach. The open river mouth can be seen just to the right of the middle of the picture.The high pile of sand is hiding the jetty on the left. Amazing how much sand the ocean can move around down here.moutharea


We sat around right in front of the mouth for a good while just watching things.

These cormorants were on the beach with some seals. Two seal pups can be seen in this picture.seals


This momma and it’s pup slipped onto the shore right in front of us. These guys look so plump, they might pop? Harbor seals seem to come in all shapes and colors.pup


Haystack Rock

We went on down to the end of the river, just past the mouth and sat around for awhile. The big rock there in the picture is called Haystack Rock. It sorta looks like a haystack.haystackrock


Eventually we started heading back up the river and passed these harbor seals with the pup. I wonder if this pup is the white one I saw the other day, changing colors? I read someplace if a pup is born prematurely, they are all white as they haven’t had time to develop their coats fully yet. So, this one might be the white one I saw the other day? Maybe not though as most of the seals look very similar and I can’t tell most of them apart? I’m not sure, but it seems they may change their coats color throughout the year, which really confuses trying to sort them out.sealpup


We headed for the back channel of Penny Island and passed these birds resting on the west end of the island. Two terns, a male merganser duck and some cormorants.birds


I got a little too close and spooked them.cormorants


We continued on up the back channel to the east end of the island where we were going to go to shore for a little walk, but at the last minute we changed our minds and went on up a little further.

Headed up the back channel of Penny Island.backchannel


Poison Oak Alley walk

We went ashore here at the Swamp Rock trail. That trail is still under water though.Jenner


That rock in the middle of this picture is Swamp Rock, a nice place to sit.swamprock


Since that trail is still under water, we took the Poison Oak Alley trail which goes on up the river a half mile or so along it’s shoreline.

This is Ray walking along just as we were approaching the Eagle’s Landing area. Note the shorts and we are up to our ears in poison oak. This trail is loaded with the stuff. Lucky it doesn’t bother us much. :O)ray2


We turned around at Eagle’s Landing and headed on back on the trail. It was a bit hot, so I was glad to get back in my boat.

From there we headed across the river to it’s north side and headed back in for the day

Ray, crossing over the river to the other side looking down to the town of Jenner.jenner2


It was just after three PM when we took our boats out of the water. I went on home and took a nap to get ready to do a little weed mowing later in the day.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any mowing done, but just before dark, as the sun was going down, I fired up the lawn mower and did a half a tank before pooping out.

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