Blue Sky Day Paddling Jenner With Low Wind Too

Monday February 22, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

The sun was going to be out and it was a low wind day down at Jenner today, at least that’s what the weather guys said it would be and it was.

I arrived at the river just before one which is good as most people go in the morning and leave by about noon so there’s less people.

Up the river

I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp and headed on up the river stopping along the way.

I like to pull in by those logs up ahead and sit and watch.river


One of my spots

This is my spot by the big redwood log looking back down the river.log


After a good break there  I decided that was far enough up the river so started back down river headed to the river’s mouth area about a  mile.

I like to paddle along the shoreline as there’s usually more critters along the edges.river3


Down along the island

I paddled down the Island’s back channel and stopped in this spot for a bit before continuing on.sun


I passed by all these gulls resting on the Island’s bottom end.gulls7


Headed on over to the river’s open mouth area just  up ahead.rivre8


I paddled on by these cormorants resting on the sand by the river’s mouth.birds


As I entered the open mouth I could see all these harbor seals resting on the sand.seals


Open river’s mouth

I paddled on into the open mouth and sat here for a bit watching and listening to the ocean pounding the rocks just out of sight up ahead.mouth


Sun going down slowly

The low wind died even more so I hang around the mouth area enjoying the sun as it slowly lowered in the


Stars in the water as I sat and enjoyed the day.stars



As I sat the sun ventured lower in the sky so I started my trip back to the boat ramp about a mile.sunny


No wind

The water was real flat now and I wasn’t in a hurry to leave so I took my time.calm


I was sitting under this tree in my boat when this bird flew in. A green night heron I think.heron


It wasn’t long before I was back at the boat ramp so I loaded up the boat and drove on home.ramp


It was about 5:30 when I got home and the chickens were on the roost so I shut them up and went in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Dennis Olson says:

    We were staring at the River mouth yesterday from our room balcony at River’s End, when I spotted you, Bob. Didn’t want to holler, so will say Good Morning now. We have been paddling up and down, too, and enjoying the flat water and watching the sea lions and seals catch salmon and steelhead.

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