Sunny Day Working In the Forest On the Pipe Line Project

Sunday February 21, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Forest work day

I sat around in the yard this morning enjoying the sun and getting it going. Nice blue sky


Pipe line work

I got my tools and drove the quad runner up into the hills to work on burying the spring water pipe line. I started here cutting a small ditch on the trail I made the other day.quad


And on down the hill.trail


Once I had abut 200 feet of trail ditch made I put the plastic pipe onto it for burying.pipe


I had to move all the plastic pipe onto the trail ditch to get ready to bury it.trailpipe


Brush cutting

I brought my brush loppers  up to remove this part of a downed tree that was blocking my path.brush


And I worked on burying the pipe until I got down to where this part of the project ended by these big trees.end


I dug the trail ditch a little ways past the end to get ready to dig the next part soon.brushed


Once more section to do

I also cleared out the brush in this part where I will start to dig the trail ditch next time. I have about 200 more feet to do to get to the end of it just above the water tanks.ravine


Back up the hill

Once the pipe was covered with dirt I had to walk back up the hill on the trail.trailup


It was a steep climb back up the hill to the quad runner through  here.trailtree


Headed for home

I’d worked until about 5:30 and now I was beat so I rode on home down this road.road


Most of the chickens were in the roost already when I got home but when I opened the gate into the front yard they all came out to graze for a bit.


The daffodil blooms are getting better each day.daffs


That work gave me a good work out today and wore me out nicely.

Nice day.

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One Response to Sunny Day Working In the Forest On the Pipe Line Project

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    What a great work day. I love the idea of the sun and blue sky AND warmth! You did a lot today, it looks difficult in some areas.
    That big tree where you stopped needs a hug! :)

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