Blue Sky, Fertilizing, Mulch and Chickens

Sunday January 17, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Blue sky day

It sure was a blue sky day and the temperature was nice too, just a heavy shirt did the job. When I went outside I sat down here and enjoyed the day for a bit before turning the chickens loose.slu



After turning the chickens out to graze I loaded the fertilizer injector and put it on this sprinkler over one of my garden pens.water



I then sat down here to get ready to load that wheelbarrow with woodchips.sit


Which I did and now to wheel it across the yard to the raspberry patch.woodchips



I dumped it in the raspberry patch and let the chickens spread it out for me. They did a good job of it.patch


I hauled a few more loads of woodchips throughout the day taking my time at it.

As I went by this area I looked over to this spot that wasn’t going to get any woodchips but sure could use some. I vowed to get two loads to it just because and it would be better than none.birds


There’s a lot of leaves that fall from the forest trees along my driveway that are a good source of mulch so I got a few loads of that I also took to the raspberry patch.leaves


I don’t mind the leaves along the drive as I leave in a forest. I only pick them up as they make good mulch.

The chickens especially liked the leaves and made short work of them.pepper


I put the wheelbarrow here for tomorrow and sat down and enjoyed the day some.pile


And eventually took a load over to that spot I said would get only two loads and dumped it. Two little piles but one load so it will get one more. There’s a small apricot tree there that should benefit.tree


There wasn’t much day left as I sat down here again.view


One more time

I was looking at this cherry tree that also wasn’t going to get any mulch so loaded the wheelbarrow one more time and dumped a load there.cherry


That was it for me and the chickens. I shut them in and headed for the house.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    That’s what I need! Chickens to help me do the work in the back yard!!! Who knew??

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