Easy Day Doing Some Yard Fertilizing and Chair Hopping

Monday January 11, 2021 Guerneville Ca.

Sunny day

I was feeling lazy today, tired out a bit so I made this a lazy day and just did a few easy chores and mostly just enjoyed the nice sunny day which seems like what an older fella should do. :O)

So I let the chickens out and into the raspberry patch, one of their favorite spots and sat down and watched them for awhile.birds


Then I went back in the house and napped for a bit.

Fertilizing the yard

After that I got the fertilizer applier out and loaded it up to do some spring fertilizing.fert


I set the fertilizer sprinkler on this patch of cherry trees and let it run a long time to soak it into the ground.water


I have a lot of woodchips for mulch everywhere and they tend to eat up the nitrogen so I’m trying to add some as the chickens haven’t been here long enough to do the whole yard yet.

I got these other two fertilizer applicators out and loaded them up. These ones aren’t as well  made as the first one I set up but they work and mostly have leaking problems.bottles


I moved the fertilizers around the yard the rest of the day and did a lot of chair hopping.

Spring is coming very soon here

My spring indicator is when the daffodils come up and bloom. These ones are on their way up and will be blooming soon.dafadils


Just before dark I shut all but one of the fertilizer sprinklers off which I need to remember to turn off in a couple more hours.

The chickens were in there roost so I shut them in for the night and went on in the house.

Nice day.

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