Spring Yard Work and Experiencing the Fast

Monday January 18, 2021 Guerneville Ca.

Fast day 11

I’ve been getting a few more hours of sleep but still waking up a bit on the tired out side. That’s likely because there’s no food in the tank and the body has to burn fat which it’s not used to doing so it takes a bit to get going in the morning.

I’m on day 11. I did a ten day  a few weeks ago and thought a few more days would be good so I decided to go for 12 or 15 days. So now I’ve pretty much decided to go for the 15 mostly just to see what my body does.

Best to stay home

I thought about going to the river to kayak for the day this morning but decided it would be better to stay home where I could experience this fasting thing at home and not get in any trouble from being tired out.

So I’m experiencing the ups and downs of fasting which is a learning process. It’s mostly not too bad. I’m not really that hungry. But I do have hunger craves but they soon go away. If I get weak about thinking I want something to eat I just think about the medical reasons I’m doing they and grin and bear it. From what I’ve learned about fasting it would be good for most people to do to improve their health. I guess that’s what I’m trying to do.

Fertilizing the yard

Anyway I set the fertilizer injector on some apple trees.injector


I noticed this flower in the orchard an African violet I think.flower


I let the chickens out to graze late in the daygate


Moving mulch

So I spent a good deal of time moving woodchips around the yard. I took my time as I don’t have a whole lot of energy right now, but I kept at it and got a lot done. Do a bit of work, rest in the chair and repeat, gets the  job done.mulch


I moved the injector to this spot and put a couple  more loads of mulch down which you can see on the left, another spot that wasn’t going to get any mulch.water


And I hauled a load of mulch to this spot as it’s a spot that wasn’t going to get any, so two loads is better than none. The chickens will spread it out.tree


Chicken work

Later in the day I checked out the raspberry patch to see how good the chickens have torn it up. It’s pretty torn up which is good. Another day or two and I’ll fertilize this spot and start transplanting some more berry plants to the patch and I’ll keep the chickens out.ground


Living in a forest

My view as I sat around and did some chair hopping just before dark.trees


Nice day.

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