Skiddy Goes For a Ride Doing Road Repairs

Saturday March 16, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Skiddy needs some exercise

It hasn’t rained in a few days and the ground is drying out so I thought I’d do some work with Skiddy. I checked the oil and it was good to go so I started it up and headed for the hills.skiddy1

My brother Tom had a bad spot in the road where he was cutting firewood, so I headed up there and fixed it up. The road had a bad slope in it where one might turn over a rig if not real careful and when it was wet it was real slippery.

Fixed that right up and was off to the next spot down this road.road2

Dirt slide

There’s a small slide here that needed to be widened out a bit so I took care of that.slide3

Rock slide

I moved some of this rock from a slide to make the road more possible and now I  have some more rock to fix up erosion stuff.rocks4


Then I  moved to my Cousin’s place and fixed this drainage ditch across the road as when it rains there is lots of water going across the road here. The ditch moves the water across the road instead of it running down the road and causing erosion damage to the road.ditch5

Then I worked my way down this road fixing little stuff as I went.road6


I stopped here for a break and a drink of water from the spring in this area.spring7

Road ruts

I fixed some road ruts in this spot.skiddy8

Break time

Since I was at the overlook, I sat in the chair for a spell for a break.overlook9

The view from the overlook from my chair.forest10

Chair hopping

I made it back to my place around five and did some chair hopping with my chickens.chickekens11

Nice day.

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