Sunny and Dry So a Good Day To Work in the Forest

Monday December 12, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Sunny day

Well, mostly anyway, there were a few clouds in the sky.sky1


I got the dirt bike out and then let the chickens out into the yard to feed, or whatever they do.chickens2



The rains loosen up the forest soil so it’s easier to dig and do repairs and stuff. So, up into the hills I rode to the trail where I was working and parked here at the trailhead.bike3


I hiked out the trail where I wanted to work and hopped over this log thinking it’d make a good break spot as it had a nice place to sit.tree4


Switchback repair

I wanted to do some repairs on this switchback in the trail to make it easier to get around, so I worked on it and got things smoothed out.repair5


This was the finished turn in the trail, nice and smooth now and easy to get around while working your way up the trail.trail6


Break spot

Then I went back to that log across the trail I spotted earlier and had a nice break and sat around some just enjoying the nice day in the forest.break7


This was my view from that spot.view8


I worked on the trail for about another hour and then worked my way back down the trail going by the area I cut the log out the other day.trail9


Headed home

I hopped back on the dirt bike and rode on down this road headed home the long way.road10


The rains really green up the big ferns.road11


I made it home and a nap was in order so that’s what I did.

Game cam

The game cam I had on the rat feeding station died last night, likely because it got wet somehow from the rains. I was able to see that the plastic I put on the avocado tree kept the rats from going up in the tree, but the cam died before day break so I don’t know how the squirrels made out.

I moved this other cam over to the spot and set it up. This camera is hooked to  my computer. It works fairly well, but it  has a drawback I don’t like much.cam12


If you look closely you can see the IR LEDs are glowing red, which the critters can see in the dark and it tends to scare them off or make them more cautious. This unit isn’t water proof so it needs protection.cam13


New rat pellets

My brother Tom went to town and was able to get me some more rat bait. He didn’t get the green blocks this time but got green pellets instead. I’ll have to test the pellet’s to see what the rats think of them.

I loaded up this rat feeding station with the pellets and added a few oat seeds from the chicken feed too as they are used to eating that from the chicken pen.bait14


Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice day on the trail.
    Good luck with the rat bait.

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