Bubbles a Blowing in the Wind

Cold salty ocean water dives below the warmer fresh river water.

Yes, that is what you see in the picture below. A line of foam. The foam marks the spot where the ocean dives down below the river water and flows up river under the fresh water. On the left is the ocean water. To the right of the foam is the fresh river water.Ocean water is coming into the river mouth because it is high tide, Some foam also comes in on top of the ocean water. Because the foam is bubbles, it can’t sink with the ocean water so floats and marks the spot where this diving under occurs. This photo was taken a couple hundred yards just inside the mouth of the river.



Hide tide opens the river mouth as can be seen in the photo below. This is a 6.5 high tide, right at high tide. That’s Ken in the kayak.


Ken plays in the river mouth with his kayak.

Kens been practicing his ocean kayaking. He wears the right stuff to go out in that stuff, I don’t.One must have a wet or a dry suit to do the ocean around here. The ocean is around 52 degrees F., which means without some kind of suit protection, you would be dead in about a half hour from the cold, if you fall in. Not for me. Waves are breaking over the Jetty. Ken was seeing if he could get out to the ocean. From his perspective, the waves are huge and he decided not to risk it on this day.
A wise decision.



Of course, it took some convincing.  Ken right behind the river jetty. The ocean was a little rough. I promised him some photos of him playing out there.



After Ken came back in I paddled up the back side of the island. These pelicans where on the island’s west end, with some geese and cormorants.



A buzzard was sunning itself near the same area.



On the east end of the island, were these Mergansers and this cormorant.



Big Bubbles a blowing in the wind.

There were also a couple ladies standing on the east end of Penny Island. They had a big bubble maker and were in the process of making big bubbles in the wind. Look close.



These are some of the big bubbles they were making. these were larger than 1 foot in diameter.Never know what you’ll see on the river.



On the way in, I took a picture of the milking barn on Penny Island


It was an exceptionally warm day at Jenner today. Nice fall weather. Had another great day.

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