Another High Tide Day and the Biologists Net

I had to do a little banking today, to get some cash for a little trip I’m thinking of doing soon to the desert. Of course, as soon as I got to the window, all the bank computers crashed. I didn’t do it, honest. :O) About the time they almost had it done the hard way, the computers came back on so I got that job accomplished. Then off to Monte Rio to help a friend install a wall plug. He gets all freaky around electrical stuff so best just to keep him out of the way and get it done. Of course if I want a little excitement, I can make a spark or two just to see his reaction. I got that job done in short order. We visited for awhile then I left so he could get his work done. I already had my work done, so I was off to Jenner to yak for the day.

6.4 high tide today near noon.

I drove down to the highway one overlook at the mouth, where the river meets the ocean. It was high tide, a  big one at 6.4 feet which is considered real high around here. I wanted to see if it was opening the river mouth up like it did in August. In August, the river was closed just like this and the high tides opened it up. Now, I wanted to see if the process would repeat.

Driving  along down there it looked the the wind was coming up fairly briskly, white caps where forming on the river. It was high tide and the mouth of the river looked like the pic below. Note the river mouth is open a bit. Jetty to the left and you are looking at the river in the foreground and the Pacific ocean in the background. Looking west.

There are more of these higher high tides coming so we’ll see if it continues to open it up more.

Picture below of the Russian River mouth looking west to the Pacific ocean.



These seals can be seen in the above picture. It’s also interesting to note that when the mouth is open, the seals stay on the river side of the sand bar, but when it is closed the seals stay on the ocean side of the sand bar.


The wind was howling when as I paddled down to the mouth area, I had to really work at it. Of course on the way back I got to ride the wind.

The Biologists were netting today.

A team of biologists were doing netting today, right near the town of Jenner. This net drags on the bottom. They lay it out in a circle then pull it in and count and measure and tag some fish. They may also take samples of things from the fish.

The below picture of of hem just starting to put the net out in a circle.



It takes a lot of work to maneuver the net. Some bicyclists came by and stopped to watch the operation.



Another shot of the operation, putting out the net.



Once the net is laid out, the ends are pulled together and the whole thing has to be pulled in with any catch.



The net is drawn tighter and tighter until you just have a small circle with some catch hopefully in the net. Everything is identified and counted. Endangered fish are also measured and weighted and sometimes tagged. A scale of the fish is taken to determine it’s age, using a scanning electron microscope, the ridges on the scale are counted to determine that. The measuring and weighting and stuff is done on the shore.


Another great day at Jenner Kayaking the river.

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