The Eagle is back

The eagle shows up unexpectedly.

Today, I went to Santa Rosa to do some shopping for my upcoming trip to the desert. I was hoping to find a flameless ceramic propane heater for my van as I expect it to be cold at night in the desert. I  have a little propane heater that is inferred, but it is a little dangerous to have something with a flame in the van, but will work in a pitch, until I find something else. While I was there I did some visiting too. That was good, because my shopping didn’t accomplish much. I’m in the process of reading my van for the trip, which I hope to be off on in a couple days or so.

I returned home around two pm. Did a couple things around the house and took off for Jenner to Yak. It was real nice down there today. The wind was blowing down river toward the ocean, so it was fairly warm with just a breeze for a wind. The first half of the trip, I thought, not much happening around here today, but then things changed, as I came across one of the eagles that sometimes hangs out around Jenner lately.

This Bald Eagle was perched at Eagles Landing an appropriate place to be.



He seemed not to mind that I was under him in a kayak taking pictures. He stayed about a half hour then took off for places unknown to me.


Shortly after encountering the eagle, I encountered these white pelicans. I was told by a biologist that the white pelicans are fresh water birds. pelicansisland


There were also some brown pelicans on the water today. These guys do the salt water thing.



On the way back in, I spotted these two deer on Penny Island. Penny Island is real brushy, a good place for deer to hang out.deerisland


And just past the deer, was this snowy egret trying to get some dinner and it was successful getting fish, I just failed to get a good picture of that.snowyegret


Just as as was leaving the water, the sun set. This picture taken from the Jenner visitor’s center.



Fall days in Jenner are some of the nicest of the year, although, most every day down there is real nice. Had a another great day.

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