Desert Running

Going East, headed for Mountain City, NV. Sunday, Oct. 21


Last night, I didn’t quite make it to Chimney Reservoir. About five miles short. So, this morning I preceded to the lake. It was a bit windy and I don’t really like big lakes for kayaking, so I continued up the road.

Chimney Reservoir below.Chemneyreservour


The is my Little Brown Van, or LBV.



I spent most of the day crossing the desert. These are some antelope I saw. The were moving out, must be hunting season around here?



Another bunch of them, run, run. Cattle in the background.



What I was doing most of the day, just traveling down desert roads.



I saw a couple herds of wild horses.



Instead of going to Mountain City to get gas, I decided to go to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation , as I hit highway 11 which was going that way and I thought, just maybe gas would be cheaper there? Not sure if it is or not, but they also have a reservoir, called Mountain View which isn’t too bad, and I was getting tired from driving most of the day. So, I found this spot, settled in and fixed some dinner, washed the dishes and am now kicked back, taking it easy.



Tomorrow, if the wind is down in the morning, I will yak this little body of water, lots of ducks and geese on it.

Then, I will head down to Mountain City, NV., just below it, I will turn east to take a road over the hill towards Jarbidge. The road is called Gold creek road, or National forest road, 013.

I’ll check at the Indian Reservation on the way out to see if they have any  internet access.

Monday morning, snow

I woke up to pitter, patter on the van this morning, light rain, then turning to light snow. Got dressed and up to get my chair and step stool in the van, just in case it really let go, but it didn’t , so far.

I started the heater going to warm up the van. It ran for about fifteen minutes, then shut down, oh, oh. I think it was set to low, but still shouldn’t have shut down. Turned it on hi and relit it and it worked. As I was sitting there warming up and deciding what to do today, it started to snow a little heavier. Supposed to be rain here, not snow, oh, well.

The plan was to drive out and go  back to the Owyhee store and see if there was any internet access in town for the public. The lady there said she thought, maybe at the local high school. I bought a big cup of coffee and headed there and that’s where I am now.

Now, I was going up into the hills above Mountain City, CA. but maybe I better rethink that, because of possible snow there?

I just checked the weather and not good. Rain and snow through Weds. I think I’ll head down to Mountain City and decide what to do, maybe head south to the Elko, NV. area. Need to check the weather down there. Checked the weather in Elko, and it looks much better, only  some rain down there. It’s starting to snow more here, so I’ll head to Mountain city and then maybe south. Too much snow to be playing around in these hills. Ten AM here.

And for RVers, Owyhee, ID. has several lakes with boon docking. , no hookups.There are free dump stations and free non-potable water at the sites. It’s high desert, so doesn’t get too hot in the summer time. I heard they charge six dollars a night to stay on the reservation, not bad.

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