Buying Chicken Feed and a Visit With Joe at His House

Monday October 21, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Off to shop

I  needed to get some chicken feed so I drove on down to the feed store and got some. But what I needed most I forgot, black sunflower seeds.

Oh well, I did remember to get a bale of alfalfa for them which I’m just trying as feed for the first time for the chickens.

Visiting Joe

After getting the feed I went over to visit with my friend Joe for a bit. He’s always welding up something interesting and he has a nice vegetable garden which we always check out.

All that took longer than I thought so most of the day was gone when I got home.

I unloaded the feed into the chickens feed shed.

Tried the alfalfa

I gave the chickens a block of alfalfa to try out.

They’ve never had the alfalfa before and they were already full so they just barely nibbled on it but I bet it won’t be long until they devour the stuff as soon as they get hungry again.feeding


Chair hopping

I puttered around the yard for a bit in the evening and went in the house when the day started cooling down.

I shut the chickens in for the night.

Here’s some of my half grown ones just getting up on the roost for the night.roost


That was my day for another nice one. Didn’t work too hard today which was good for a rest.

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