Rebuilding the Main Chicken Pen Roost and Chasing Rodents

Sunday October 20, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Roost rebuild

Today I wanted to rebuild the main chicken pen roost as if I rebuild it I can make better use of the chicken pen as the old roost was going the wrong way and taking up most of the main pen. I can also give the chickens a bit of more head room as the way it is they tend to hit the chicken wire roof a lot so a bit of more head room should be appreciated.

Tearing into it

I had to tear the old one down and dig up some cement blocks and relocate them.pen


Wind protection

I got a couple of the posts up. I also put up this old plastic roofing for some wind protection in the winter.work2


Roost is done

After working most of the day on it I got it done. The new roost is more out of the way and is actually a bit larger than the old roost. I also put some wind breaker boards on top of the roost to see what the chickens think of them.roost2


Here’s another angle of the new roost all built out of small redwood logs.roost


On the rodents trail

I’m still trying to find out all the places the rodents are getting into my attic. I’ve plugged up some of the holes but I think there are more. I moved the camera into the attic to this spot to see if I can catch them going out a  hole.atticcam


I think I’m making some progress on the rodent holes but it only takes one for them to get in so I’ll keep at it.

It was pretty nice out in the evening so I did some chair hopping and went in the house about dark.

Nice fall day.

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