Camped On the Continental Divide Montana

Tuesday July 25, 2017 Continental Divide Montana

Lots of dusty travel

We broke camp and were on the road around nine this morning headed down this road. Dusty.dust


Garnet ghost town

We were taking a side trip to a ghost town called Garnet. We’ve stopped to check out a sign here on the way in.signs


The town turned out to be a bit of a walk so only Cheryl and I walked around the place.cheryl


The place is in pretty good shape at least what is left of it.garnet


Back to the Divide

After that we headed back to find the Continental trail again.ranch


Roads blocked

We stopped here because the road we needed to take was blocked so we checked out the sign.vans


Fire closure so we can’t use this road and will have to detour.fireclosure


Dennis says too bad as that was a nice scenic part of the road.

So we looked at the maps and drove around the fire and started looking for a camp spot for the night.roadout


First time camped on the Divide

Dennis lead us up here. We are on the Continental Divide in this spot and camped up on these mountain tops.divide


Divide trail marker

I walked around a bit and found the Continental Divide trail markers close to our camp.trail


Mountain top camp spot on the Divide

This is our camp spot for the night, the first one that we are camped on the Divide.vancamp


This chopper flew by just before dark, likely returned to base from fighting fires all day.firebird


Our group

Here’s the group sitting around after


Our sunset for the night.sundown


That was our day. Did a lot of four wheeling today.

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