Four Wheeling the Continental Divide Trail Near Butte Montana

Thursday July 27, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Montana

Day 4 on the Continental Divide Trail

Dennis and Cheryl met us at our camp around 9 this morning arriving from their nice cozy motel room.

They led off and we were on the way again traveling south.

We took this road out from our camp spot.road


I’m still last in line so I ate a bunch of dust again, but that’s just life.roadust


Seems like I never catch up.road2


Butte’s down there

We were headed down into the valley to a place called Butte.road3


Coming down to the town of Butte.butte


We had some shopping to do in Butte. We needed supplies and Marty needed a new computer to replace his old one as it broke. We found one at Wal-Mart and then went to a fast foods to post blogs and get his new computer set up.

Back to the Divide

Once that was done we headed back out to the Divide Trail which crosses


We continued on going by these cows which were standing in the road and didn’t ant to move.cows


Reminds me of the Auto parts gang

Some guy had some well made sculptures in front of his house.iron


We sometimes had to come out on a highway to get to the four wheeling roads.road4


We went down this road looking for the next leg of the Divide road.road5


Bridge out

When we found the road we found it had a bit of a problem so had to make some new plans to find a camp for the night.sign


Dennis devised a plan to get around the bridge out road so we detoured around it to it’s other end.roadcamp


Tonight’s camp

And we finally found this camp spot for the


So here we are at the end of day 4. We’ll rest up and be off again in the morning.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are still finding interesting roads. Too bad about the dust, maybe you need to take the lead sometime. :)

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