Traveling South on the Continental Divide Trail Wyoming Day 8

Monday July 31, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Wyoming

Posted at Rawlins Wyoming

Great Divide trail going south

We left the motel area this morning after doing some shopping and gassing up our rigs.

We got on this dirt road and followed it a long ways.road1_thumb1


It’s big country and we went by these cows.cows_thumb


Visited a ghost town

We stopped in at this ghost town for a look, but I’ve forgotten it’s name.ghoust-town_thumb


We left the ghost town and cruised down this road with the high mountains in the background.road2_thumb1


Graders make the roads smooth

Most of the roads today were in pretty good shape thanks to these grader guys.grader_thumb


No direct route down the trail

There isn’t really a four wheel drive trail down the Divide. We are more or less following the bike route which jumps from road to road keeping our leaders busy trying to keep us on the Divide.maps_thumb


We also visited this more modern ghost town. We didn’t stop but drove through it.town_thumb1


And passed by this old mine on the way out of town.mine_thumb


Oil is where you find it

Later in the day we came up on these oil pumps at Oil City out in the middle of no where.oilcity_thumb


Need a camp for the night

We were thinking about finding a camp around three in the afternoon in this area.road3_thumb


We didn’t see too many antelope in this area which looked like a real good antelope area. We did see a couple of them and here is one of them as it started away from us.antelope_thumb1



Not too far from the antelope Marty found us a camp here when we got back on the Divide Trail.camp_thumb1


We are up on top of things and it’s real windy and some light showers are hitting us on and off just before dark. There’s a bit of lightning and thunder around us, but not too close.

The group is huddled there by Marty’s van to get out of the strong wind as the afternoon thunder storm forms around us.shade_thumb


Afternoon thunder storms

We were watching a big black cloud near us most of the afternoon and just as the sun went down, the cloud started to move over us picking up the wind and dropping some light rain on us.

This is what the big black cloud looked like as it moved over us.rain_thumb1


The wind finally died down just after dark and it’s real nice out now.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Old ghost towns peak my curiosity. I can’t help but wonder do the people who left ever venture back? What did they leave behind? How long ago were they deserted. Neat to see in your pictures. That is one nasty black cloud!

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