We Meet Up and Start Our Continental Divide Trail Trip

Sunday, Monday July 23, 24, 2017 Start Continental Divide Trail

Doing the Continental Divide

Yesterday we broke camp and were heading to Eureka Montana about fifty miles away along this lake.lake


The town of Eureka

This was the view as we approached Eureka.eureka


Meeting up with Dennis and Cheryl

We used the phone to contact the other party that we were going with and met at the town park here in Eureka.

Dennis and Cheryl joined us with their jeep.meetup


We did some shopping and gassed up. Dennis and Cheryl stayed at a motel and we headed for the forest to find a camp spot for the night.

Camped for the night

We camped in this spot by a creek.camp


Starting the trip

Dennis and Cheryl joined as in the morning and we headed for the border for a picture to start the Continental Divide trip.

Eating dust

We had to drive a ways down some forest roads. I was picking up the rear so I ate dust all day.camproad


We went up this road too, we traveled several forest roads.road


Border photo

Here we are lined up at the Canadian border. My van, Cheryl and Dennis and Patti and Marty.

We will be following the bicycle route most of the way except where the route is too narrow for our rigs in a few places.

We drove through forest roads most of the day going past this lake up in the mountains.lakeroad



We had to stop often to look at the maps and sometimes we went in the wrong direction, but that’s exploring.directions


Marty’s van needs a muffler

We came down out of the mountains to get a new muffler for Marty’s van at Kalispell.outroad


His old muffler had fallen apart so he did need a new one. It took about an hour.vanmuf


Looking for a camp spot for the night

From there we headed out to find a camp along the route we were taking and went out this valley.roadcamp


We were having a hard time finding a camp spot along the road and finally settled for this spot in the wild flowers.camp2


That was pretty much our day for a good one. Tomorrow we will continue down the trail.

That’s it.

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