Documenting the Turkey Vulture’s Nest and More Van Work

Wednesday July 15, 2015 Jenner CA.

The plan document the turkey vulture nest

It was foggy when I arrived at Jenner this morning. I put my kayak in the water and paddled across the river and on up into the fog. There’s some white pelicans up ahead.foggy


The pelicans were just sitting on the water taking it easy.pelicans


As I approached the muskrat nest area, the fog started lifting.msukrat


I sat with this great white egret for a spell then decided I’d check out the turkey vulture’s nest which was close by.egret


The fog had lifted nicely by now and I put my boat ashore by that big rock up ahead.russianriver


It was at high tide, so I didn’t need to be too concerned about the water rising up on my boat, but I tied it up just the same. kayak


The trail to the turkey vulture’s nest goes up the hill below the nest through this spot. The river otters have been using this spot for over nighting. The big rock in the background has a worn trial through it.otterspot


This is the worn trail through the big rocks. Unfortunately, it connects the otter’s spot to the turkey vulture’s nest. And I think that may be what happened to one of the young turkey vultures that went


The turkey vulture’s nest

The nest isn’t easy to access as it’s in a pile of rocks and brush. I had to climb over stuff to get to it. The nest is in the middle of this picture in the rocks, dead center of the picture.nest


Here’s the turkey vulture’s nest. Hope you’re not disappointed, but the turkey vultures don’t build nests. They use what is already there as they are vey efficient birds. There were plenty of nooks and crannies for the young birds to hide in all around this area. So far, the three turkey vulture nests I’ve seen all had two eggs in themnest3


Smelled yucky too

I’d say the place smelled like it was a turkey vulture’s nest too. Pew.

Here’s the turkey vulture’s view from it’s nest.vultureview


I knew the young turkey vulture had left the nest so I wasn’t disturbing it. There wasn’t a lot to see. I took some photos and headed back to my boat.

The wind stayed mostly down today which is always nice. Here I’m headed back down the river, headed in for the day.jenner


Got the new radiator installed in the van

I planned to do some more work on my van when I got home, but the sun was on it, so I waited around until the sun was almost down before getting started on it. I needed to install the fan blades and the new radiator. I got that done.vanwork


Then I needed to do some planning on how to make a shroud to go over the fan as it hasn’t had one since I’ve owned this rig. I’m also planning on putting an electric fan out in front of the radiator to force more fresh air into the engine compartment, so I did some planning on that too. For now, I plan to put the fan on a switch so I can turn it on and off and see if it’s effective or not.

Another day ticks by in  my life. :O)

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