Checking Out the Rivers and Exploring Around Port Orford

Wednesday February 11, 2015 Port Orford Oregon

This morning I had planned to go down the road to a place called Pigeon Point and go for a little walk at the ocean.

Speedometer croaked

I was headed down that way and a bit before I got to the parking spot a load bunch of noise started right in front of me. My speedometer needle was going back and forth radically. I’d had this problem once before in Nevada, but I thought it had something to do with freezing cold and it cleared up that time, but not this time. The needle was moving so much it finally broke the needle end off and that was gong on as I approached my parking pull off.

Right before where I had to park was a stop lady. She gave me the slow sign and I put on  my signals to turn into the parking area and she shuck her head, no, no. Hummmmmm.

Not having much else for a choice I pulled into the parking lot, parked and went over to talk with her. I should of just gone for that hike.

I asked why she was shaking her head and she replied that I was in a work zone. Liability you know. Huh? They are working way down the road, but I didn’t say anything.

Not wanting to start my day in a bad mood, I put on a smile and said, no problem, I’ll just find another spot up the road. I went back to my van and reached under the van dash to undo the speedometer cable as it was rather noisy at speed. The speedometer is totally shot, I bet I have a hard time replacing that.

Tidal pool area

I did have another spot I was interested in, so I headed up the road to the spot and turned in. When the tide goes out, this beach has lots of tidal pools, but the tide wasn’t out, so I just looked. Tides won’t be in my favor this trip to check this out.tidebeach


Elk River

I continued on up the road to Port Orford and pulled in by the library to post a blog, but there was no signal. I guess the library turns the internet off until they open, so I headed on up the highway to the Elk River to see how it was doing. It was nice and green, but still too fast for me to paddle up. It’s moving faster than it looks.elk


The Elk river turned green and a lot of fishermen noticed. There were about thirty five vehicles parked, so there were a lot of boats coming down from the hatchery up river.fishermen


Sixes River

From there I continued on up the highway some more until I got to the Sixes River. I pulled in the Grange area where boats can be launched to have a look. Still muddy and a bit too fast. Maybe tomorrow I can do something here? I don’t need clear, only not too fast as I’m not doing shuttling, so if I paddled down river, I  have to paddle back up river. No one was fishing this river, yet.sixes


I went back to the library and used the internet and hung out there for a bit.

I drove around some of the back roads of Port Orford and went out to the Head and then went on down to the harbor where I watched and napped for an hour or so.

My view from where my van was parked at the harbor.harbor


I drove back down the highway and stopped at this spot which is just below my camp site.oceanview


Arizona Beach

As long as I was headed south again, I continued on down the road to Arizona beach where I parked here and watched the waves and napped until almost dark.arizonabeach


This was my view of the Arizona beach just before I left to  head back to my camp.presunset


When I got back to my camp, I went for a little walk in the forest to have a look around a bit.forest


I was back at my van before it got too dark and watched the sun go down for the day. My ocean view from my camp.sunset


That’s it for another nice day exploring around Port Orford.

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