Checking Out the Wild Berries, Art Stumps and Avoiding Boat Ramp Rage

Wednesday April 29, 2015 Jenner CA.

The sun was out and the wind was down as I put my boat in at Jenner today.


Here’s my view as I looked back at the boat ramp where I launched my boat.Jenner


Big stumps

I wasn’t decided on which way to go today. I ended up paddling down the side of Penny Island to it’s lower end. It looked like the wind was coming up down by the river’s mouth, so I decided not to go down that way and was just taking it easy in my boat when I saw this truck go by with what I thought was some big stumps that they use for stream rebuilding for fish habitat.truckstumps


Looking closer, they look more like some art objects going somewhere.stumpart


Checking out the wild berries

I paddled back to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island which is usually out of the wind and decided I should go ashore on the island and check out if the wild berries are getting ripe yet, so I did.

Here’s where I put ashore on the island.island


Old milk barn painted

I noticed something different as I walked by the old milk barn. The island is owned by the California State Parks and some one had painted over all the graffiti that was on the walls. Looks great for now.

The milking stall freshly painted, inside the old milk barn.milkbarn


Berry bushes

From there, I walked along some overgrown paths to check out the wild berries. Too early yet, they are just starting to bloom so it’ll be awhile.

Berry bushes looking back towards the old milk barn.berries


With no berries yet, I didn’t stay long on the island and got back in my boat and headed on up the river.

I sat in this spot for a bit watching things and trying to stay out of the wind. The wind was up, but not really too bad, especially along the river’s edges.river


Watching the loon

This loon was out in the water just in front of me. It was just resting and watching me, as I was watching it. I waited until it got a bit closer then took some photos of it.loon


Headed up the river

I paddled on up the river to Muskrat Nest Beach and sat awhile and then turned and started back down the river.

As I was paddling along, these biologists were heading up the river  to collect data from measuring devices on buoys. The biologists are just cranking up to start their summer activities so we’ll be seeing more of them.biologists


While I was pulled into a spot taking it easy this male mallard duck came by to check me out. It continued on it’s way and I did the same.mallard


The wind dyed down

The wind had been dying down as I paddled back down the river so it was real nice out by now, but I was tired out, so headed on in for the day.

Avoiding boat ramp rage

There were three guys with kayaks on the boat ramp, so I waited for about a half hour across the river before heading over that way. I was hoping they’d be gone, but they were the type that think they are the only ones that need to use the boat ramp. Or maybe they don’t think? I paddled over close to put some pressure on them, but kept my mouth shut, hoping they’d get a move on. I waited a bit, then landed to really put some pressure on them and went and  got my car and started to back down, but stopped as their truck was still in the way. I got out and asked if they were close to leaving and they indicated they were, so I gave them a thumbs up and kept my cool. I’m trying a new approach so as not to upset myself. It works, but I wish people would just be more considerate. Oh well. :O)

Nice day out kayaking the estuary.

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2 Responses to Checking Out the Wild Berries, Art Stumps and Avoiding Boat Ramp Rage

  1. Meg says:

    They were headed for the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa, apparently:

  2. Bill Henderson says:

    Hey Bob, those stump sculpture things on the truck, I think are the work of Bruce Johnson.

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