Cheese Factory, Shopping, New Van Lenses and New PTZ Cam

Wednesday, Thursday, April 24, 25, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

On Wednesday I went to the shopping area in Santa Rosa to get some supplies, mostly hardware.

Cheese factory

On the way I turned into here, a milk farm and cheese factory. I picked up two pounds of cheese before continuing on. Of course I got into the cheese while driving along to the hardware store. Hummmm


Hardware shopping

I mostly needed some fencing and some more rebar to make some more walk gates.

Here I am at the hardware store yard getting ready to load three rolls of fence. I like the welded wire for my yard fences.wire


I then went over to the rebar area and found a fork lift guy to help me load 25 20 foot half inch rebar and then went into the store to get some stuff too.

I paid and headed on home as that was enough shopping for me for one day.


Here I am at home getting ready to unload the stuff I bought.van


New van lenses

I heard the mail guy come by my mail box and knew my van lenses were being delivered.

While I was in Arizona this year hiking around with Dan, he said I needed to get some new tail light lenses as he could barely see my lights when following me. He said they still made them so I finally got around to ordering some when I was getting some other stuff online.

Here’s the new lenses.lens


Dirty bulbs

After removing the old lens I could see the bulb was pretty dirty so I cleaned them.

This is one of the bulbs after my finger got to it. Pretty dirty eh.bulb


Here’s my old lenses. They had a lot of cracks and a lot of dirt on the backside too.oldlens


No power

The power all of a sudden went off around five and didn’t come back on until the wee hours of the morning so I couldn’t do my post that day.


New PTZ camera

Today I was expecting another shipment in the mail. I’d ordered another PTZ camera like the one I’d bought not too long ago. I heard the  mailman and went out to retrieve the package.


So I played with sitting it up. Once I got it all working as it should I opened up the port to get under the house and installed it there to watch what the rodents are doing under there to get into the attic.

Here’s what the camera sees under the house. I have some software that watches for motion and records what it sees. I’m able to control where the camera points from my



I spent the rest of the day puttering around changing the water around watering the garden and yard and doing a bit of napping too.

That was my day for a good one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You always have a project on the go. Good for you, it is keeping you young! Those new lenses and clean lights will certainly make a huge difference for you and your followers.
    The new camera should come in handy, you don’t have to inform the suspects either. :) You watch them on your computer?

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