Chick Roost and Rocking In the New Spring Tap

Saturday September 7, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Driving home

Yesterday I  made the long drive home which took most of the day. The drive was uneventful which is always good.

Dig those potatoes

Today I went out and let my chickens into this potato area so they could feed on the weeds and dig up my potatoes for me.chickens


Chicks need a roost

I’ve noticed the little chicks are growing fast and need a little roost in their nursery area. I had this roost I wasn’t using so I had a look at it. It was too big to fit into the nursery so I got my tools out and made it smaller so it would fit.roost


After some sawing and screwing I had something to try.rebuild


New roost

This is the roost in the nursery and it looks like it will work.newroost


Working on the new spring tap

After a break I got some tools together and rode my quad up to the new spring I’ve been working on.quad


I wanted to fill the clay dam tap area up with rocks after I cleaned the redwood leaves out of it.tap


Rocking it

I rocked in behind the clay dam and tried to fill up all the little holes as much as possible. Water flows through the cracks in the rocks to the drain


I put in some bigger rocks first then used smaller rocks to help close up as many holes as possible. I really only wanted cracks for the water to flow through.rock


Some plastic over it all

After the rocks I used empty feed sacks to seal it all up which will be good enough for now. I may cover it up some more with rocks later.bags


Only a half a gallon a minute now

Once that was done I measured the water. Only a half a gallon a minute. It dropped a half gallon a minute since last time I measured it as this is the worse time of the year and the water is the lowest at this time. It was a gallon a minute last time I measured.

Trail work with a new tool

After that I went down my trail for the water pipe and worked on it a bit with my new tool. This is the spot where the yellow jackets got me so I was careful and the first buzz I was out of there.trail


New digging tool

Here’s my new digging tool a Pulaski, great for digging trails and stuff.poluski


Bees drove me off

The bees drove me off but I think I got enough done to lay the pipe. I was also beat after doing the digging so I had enough for one day and went on home for a break.

Armstrong Valley Farm strawberries

On the way home I stopped at my brother’s garden to eat a few strawberries from one of his patches. Hummm good.berries


I also dug up and ate a couple of his carrots before taking off.

After a break I went out to see how the chickens were doing.

Two hens on a nest

These two are sitting on some eggs together which is good as there are too many eggs for one chicken in the nest.nesting


I’m not sure what they’ll hatch out but we’ll see in another week or so.

Chickens dig potatoes for me

I got a bucket and gathered some potatoes the chickens had dug up. I’ll let them in this pen again tomorrow and get some more.potatoes


I got done more than I expected today which is always nice.

And had a nice day too.

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  1. George Yates says:

    A very productive day you had, nice to get that spring water working too.

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